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  1. savvvyseller

    Pop Tarts

    Eco-Planet's gluten-free toaster pastries should be on store shelves soon: http://ecoheavenllc.com/Eco-Planet/Gluten_Free_Toaster_Pastries.html
  2. savvvyseller

    Gluten Free Beer-Daura

    I think Bards is the best of the bunch, although I'm looking forward to trying Dogfish Head's new certified gluten-free ale that's coming out next month.
  3. savvvyseller

    Gluten Free Beer-Daura

    Beck's is not gluten free.
  4. savvvyseller

    Romano's Macaroni Grill

    Macaroni Grill locations now have gluten-free penne pasta, which is prepped using separate cookware.
  5. http://glutenfreeappetite.com/blog/item/breaking-news-kellogg-s-to-debut-gluten-free-soon
  6. savvvyseller

    Moe's Southwest Grill - Gluten Free Menu

    The rice bowls were previously on the menu there; seems as though there are still some hurdles to overcome: http://blog.timesunion.com/glutenfree/hey-moes-stop-calling-your-meals-gluten-free/306/
  7. I suggest looking at the NFCA's GREAT Training program for restaurants: http://www.celiaccentral.org/Education/GREAT-Foodservice/GREAT-Kitchens/234/
  8. Check out Relish in Allentown, not far from the Lehigh Valley exit of the PA Turnpike extension. Delicious food - even gluten-free cheesesteaks!
  9. Spanish brewer Damm has produced a beer made with barley malt that is "deglutenized," removing the gluten during the production process. The Estrella Damm Daura pale lager tests at less than 6 ppm for gluten, according to the company. It's just being rolled out now and is available in Pennsylvania, Maryland and a few other states at the moment. The beer has won the award for Best Gluten Free Beer at the World Beer Awards two years running.
  10. With Passover a little over a month away, lots of gluten-free baked goods, mixes and other items are available to all. For those observing the holiday, gluten-free oat matzoh is available. Last year we were impressed with the handmade matzoh from Lakewood Matzoh Bakery in New Jersey. This year we are going to try Lakewood's machine-made (square) version, which comes nine pieces to a box. Orders of any two boxes ship free. I have no financial interest in the company. http://www.lakewoodmatzoh.com/matzoh_gluten_free.asp
  11. savvvyseller

    Starbucks Redux

    As of tomorrow, participating Starbucks in the U.S. and Canada will be adding new "healthy" gluten free snacks. These include granola from Two Moms in the Raw and several cookie varieties from Lucy's. Michael
  12. Just be careful of Nathan's cheddar-flavored hot dogs, at least for the moment. All of those packages I spotted at a local market had the words "Gluten Free" crossed out in black marker; the ingredients listed gluten.
  13. There's no need to wait for a chain to offer gluten-free pizza. Check out Still Riding Pizza, which provides restaurants with gluten-free pizza and dedicated equipment that can be used anywhere. Right now the company is offering a cool referral deal - if you refer a restaurant that decides to add Still Riding pizza to its offerings, you can get 'dough' (if you know what I mean!) The company is even offering a sweet deal for restaurants to try it out - the first order of pizzas, equipment and training all at no charge. Do a Google search for "Still Riding Pizza referral" for more details. This isn't an ad and I don't work for Still Riding. I just wanted to pass on this information to those who could benefit. There are a couple places in the Philadelphia area that offer their pizza, and it's really good! Michael
  14. Bertucci's has unveiled a new gluten free menu in conjunction with GIG and the Gluten Free Restaurant Awareness Program. No pizza but lots of other items including dessert.
  15. As someone who can eat wheat (my 9-y-o son is a celiac), I can say that Papa John's pizza is awful. I know that Pizza Pizza in Canada has gluten-free pizza chainwide, so the idea of serving and delivery safe gluten-free pizza can be done. Will be interesting to see if one of the nationwide pizza chains in the U.S. - none of which compare to local pizza parlors, IMHO - can pull this off.