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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Fiber!

    Well..Flax is really good for almost everyone. Why don't you post what you have heard for us? Flax is one of the best things many can add to thier diet..but it goes without saying that not everything is for everyone and we all should check out EVERYTHING before adding it to our diet. Flaxseed OIL yes..be careful with this..but flaxseed..hmmm For MOST the numerous benefits of flax seed outway the bad. Be careful with the dried fruit. Raises the sugar content and most are done with sulfites. It also should be from a organic source as many fruits are the most oversprayed. It's also higher in carbs and calories unless that's what you are looking for.
  2. Fiber!

    Well..while I am reluctant to say anything anymore because anytime I suggest something..you would think I know nothing since someone always follows with a remark as why not to do. I actually pop mine on the stove with really good pure virgin coconut oil and sea salt. The coconut oil is really good for you too..so a added benefit and you aren't cooking in bad oil. Win..win.
  3. Fiber!

    FLAX, FLAX, FLAX Everyone for so many reasons should eat flax everyday. While the best benefits come from ground flax..I also use who flax as a great source of fiber. I also use whole flax as a snack as one would eat nuts. I try and see how fine I can chew it..lol Plus..we are fresh spinache freaks. Down tons of it daily in eggs and salads. Brocoli, quinoa, buckwheat. We also do a lot of what has already been mentioned. We do popcorn cooked in really good first virgin coconut oil and sea salt.
  4. Dang! My Neck Hurts!

    Usually when I read through a topic..something someone said will trigger a thought. Pertaining to the soy milk at Starbuck's. Here I go again on my carrageenan rant..I do so because I can react to this like I do glutlen..D I believe Starbuck's uses Silk Soymilk..which does contain carrageenan..which can cause digestion distress.
  5. For a quick grab, meal or snack..I am so into the Humm Foods Larabars big time. Speaking of Delimex beef Taquitos..I must be blind. I used to love these things..well..still do..but trying to be good on the elimination diet..but wanted to keep something around that I could have if I really needed a fix. I must be reading labels wrong. Is is just these one's that are ok?
  6. Yes..amazing how many things have soy! When I tell people I am avoiding Gluten, Soy, Dairy, Sugar, etc..they only thing of the stuff directly. They think as long as you avoid 'soy' as a whole or 'corn' as a whole..you are fine. They don't realize how many things contain things derived from these items. I treat it as a game on my own. What can I truly find that doesn't contain anything I am trying to stay away from.
  7. I love the stuff..but had to give it up. Do you have other intolerances to things that may seem gluten like? I had to give it up because I just decided that something in it was giving me a reaction..but not gluten related. I want to say that just like me..something in it doesn't agree with you..but yours sounds like gluten symptoms. I was so thrilled to find out this product was gluten free because it's the only bbq sauce i use..but something in it is still affecting my other stuff.
  8. Herbal Remedies/vitamins

    http://www.Lame Advertisement.com/ProductDetails.aspx?c=1&pid=830
  9. Calling All Sleuths

    Well..here I go again with CARRAGEENAN. As soon as I gave up my Silk Soymilk..which contains this product..my problems got better. Not sure if it was the carrageenan..which can cause digestion stress and some more serious health problems..or it it was the soy. I have given up so many things. I was in love with the plain sugar free Silk Soymilk. I was putting that on all these gluten cereals that I thought were healthy. It sort of all is crazy to look at now. I thought eating all these 'healthy' grain cereals with Silk Soymilk was such a healthy thing. Shaking head now..just crazy sometimes.
  10. Disease Making Me Feel Isolated

    Sorry to hear all this. I will say a prayer for you. I think a lot of people have found out that even though society has taught us differently..social things don't have to be all about food. Many people are on special diets. I an new to all of this and many food allergies and just rescently have become super proactive about an elimination diet and figuring things out. I don't consume much of a variety right now. Most people don't even know. I just eat what I can and blend in. How come friends aren't asking you to go to lunch anymore? Is it because you were getting sick while eating out or you couldn't find anything to eat..so you didn't and this made them feel weird? I have had numerous operations these past few years and been really sick off and on. You find out fast who your REAL friends and 'family' are and who really cares and who is going to REALLY be there for you no matter what. Is the office things hard because the food just smells to good and tempting or is there nothing you can eat? Is it something where everyone brings something where what you bring is something you could eat. I have rescently cold turkey given up many things that I love that I thought I could never live within. But as I begin to enjoy not having the side affects from them..it's a miracle how fast I don't even care about them anymore. When you find someone to date who reacts well to all of this..that will be a good sign of their character as a whole. Something else I have always tried to do no matter how sick I have been over the years is to realize that there is always someone in worse situation than me and someone out there who is a lot sicker than me.
  11. I'm kinda confused about the mushroom thing right now. I had been taking Garden Of Life RM-10..but stopped taking it because I was also trying to work a candida into things and I thought that mushrooms weren't allowed for this..plus..aren't mushrooms overall sort of something we are warned to stay away from because of fungal type stuff? Or would the mushrooms in the Garden Of Life RM-10 completely different. Am I way off base and overthinking this? I have always sort of been confused by mushroom supps. On one hand they sound exciting..yet other things I read about mushrooms make me want to stay away from all mushrooms. Thoughts and opinions would be very much appreciated please. Thanks again.
  12. Some forms of carrageenan are bad for the digestive tract and can cause ulcerations and cancers of the gastrointestinal tract...also overall disruption to the digestive tract. So even though there are different studies out there..I have decided to cut it from my diet as part of my elimination diet in figuring things out. A lot of the almond milks, soy milks and rice milks contain it too. It's a thickening agent. There was a time when our government didn't allow it. It's just a personal choice that I have made as I continue to eliminate things that I believe may be causing some of my problems and things I have decided to not take risk with. I trust what Dr Weil says on a lot of things. He has always been my period opinion after I look something up on the web. He also agrees to stay away from it. Since cutting it out..mostly via my Silk Soymilk..I am seeing some improvement. Granted..it may be too because I have cut out the soy. I just like to make people aware and they can make their own decisions. Hope that helped.
  13. Cost Of Baking

    Zanthan gum and guar gum. Is the main reason that people choose to use zanthan gum over guar gum is the laxative affect? I have read that as far as productivity..they are about the same and even that zanthan gum has more of an aftertaste and is a 'made' product? Why do more people use zanthan gum over guar gum when there is such a dfference in price? Thanks again!
  14. Just be careful..to get back on my carrageenan kick here..lot's of toothepaste contain this too. That's why sadly I quit using Tom's Of Maine. If you are still having digestive issues..check to see if your toothpaste..and/or other products contain this product.
  15. Easter Candy

    Although I am making huge attempts and progress at not consuming any sugar right now..big task for this sugar toothe..I am impressed to see so many post with the word See's in them. Hands down the best handmade chocolates out there today.