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    Swimming, sailing, running, theater (acting, singing, dancing--a triple threat!), funny movies, good books, cats, not eating gluten, not eating lead paint, saving the world, meeting new celiacs, carpooling, "reduce, reuse, recycle!"
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  1. superbeansprout

    My Nail Polish Has Wheat In It?

    Thanks Karen, this is great information! I'll check out Wet 'n Wild, and Avon. I knew about Avon, but stopped buying...
  2. superbeansprout

    My Nail Polish Has Wheat In It?

    I've been thinking I need to go to a completely naturally gluten free diet to get my TTGs down, like you said because...
  3. So last year or so, I noticed that when I went to get my nails done, and I was stuck with my hands and feet in the blow...
  4. superbeansprout

    Hello My Name Is Kim

    Ok, so I'm posting again, because one post that you posted (above) made me cringe. Kim, you CANNOT only eat dinner....
  5. superbeansprout

    Hello My Name Is Kim

    Ah....I hate to say I feel good when I read all these posts...because I think A LOT of us are in the same boat. Same...
  6. superbeansprout

    What Is Your Daily Diet?

    Breakfast: yogurt and fruit, sometimes some Mary's Gone Crackers for more protein. Chia seeds are excellent, and filling...
  7. superbeansprout

    Had Reaction From Uno's Gluten-free Menu

    I had a really bad reaction to Uno's a few months ago as well. They had added some newish items to their menu, one of...
  8. I think that sometimes bringing up old issues is actually useful, since ingredients change all the time, and something...
  9. superbeansprout

    Traveling To India

    Hello, I think I started to post something a few months ago, but now I have more details about the trip I'm taking...
  10. superbeansprout

    Nebo Enoteca - Boston Ma (pizza)

    I also think that since Nebo is creating much more interesting pizzas than someone like Uno's, you're not only paying...
  11. I recently ate at PF Chang's in Boston, and when the waitress brought me special gluten free soy sauce, I asked her if...
  12. Hi, I"m trying to alter a recipe for a dipping sauce that calls for rice vinegar, soy sauce adn sesame oil. I know i...
  13. superbeansprout

    My Metabolism Stinks!

    I would say there are probably a few essential oils out there either in oil form or pill form that you can take to help...
  14. Thanks, Richard. I've told him about brushing/flossing before kissing...and I don't think he's convinced it would be...
  15. Hi...ok so a friend asked me the other day, if because I am celiac and need to eat gluten free...did my boyfriend have...