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  1. Rissmeek


    Here's an article about blue cheese http://glutenfreecooking.about.com/od/soupsandsalads/f/Is-It-Safe-To-Eat-Blue-Cheese...
  2. Rissmeek

    Sugar Sensitive?

    My husband has to watch the amount of sugar he eats. He can't have a bunch of sweets, a soda, ect all together or he...
  3. My husband started having issues with chicken a while back. We even went to all organic chicken and he would still have...
  4. Rissmeek


    The smaller restaurants should have an easier time of doing gluten-free in my opinion. The amount of people to train...
  5. I wonder if a few of the other items could become gluten-free by just asking for something to be held like the burgers...
  6. If anyone is interested in how to figure out how man calories you need to maintain, gain, or lose weight these websites...
  7. You say that you want to gain weight and I'm guessing that you are having problems gaining weight and that's why you...
  8. Walmart went backwards on the gluten-free front. At one time they had lots of gluten free foods. Now a lot of things...
  9. I agree gotta have Udi's bread. Frozen pizza crusts (Udi's is wonderful), some canned soups, and a few frozen dinners...
  10. Rissmeek

    An 8-Year Old's Symptoms

    It can come and go or it can be constant. He usually does 3 meals of rice when he's not feeling well. The foods he...
  11. I thought it sounded like someone who spent 5 minutes on the internet reading about gluten-free and made themselves an...
  12. The consumer affairs article is laughable. No really if you haven't read it, do so now. It may surprise trendy...
  13. Rissmeek

    An 8-Year Old's Symptoms

    I don't have a child but when hubby has been glutenated I might as well have a child. When it gets bad, he goes...
  14. Rissmeek

    Feeding "normal" People

    Because our family is such a hodge-podge of what they can, will, and want to eat I usually do a buffet of some sort....
  15. Rissmeek

    Glutened? How?

    Here's what I found with a quick google search about Kix. Well, almost, a customer service representative told me...