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    Toxic Mold Legislation<br />Toxic Mold Consultant and helping others with mold problems and illness.<br />Scientific and medical research on mold toxicity and toxic injury.
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    United States

About Me

I am currently working on a couple of health issues. I have written legislation which will help to protect many from the hazards of indoor mold growth and for emergency safe housing.

I am also the Toxic Mold Consultant for the "MCS' Beacon of Hope Foundation, whose purpose is to bring awareness to toxic injury and to directly bring help to the many that are toxicaloy ill.

  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Dannon states at site that unflavored is gluten free but flavoed is not. Yoplait is gluten free on all flavors. Still check to be sure. Wegmans has a whole gluten free section as well as many products in which thaey state on packaging gluten-free.