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  1. I've had that happen with various alcoholic beverages. Wine, beer, etc. I think it's something else, but could be a FODMAP reaction if celiac has been ruled out. (Beer and wine contain FODMAPs.) I do better with spirits. good luck!
  2. This GI did not make us do an endoscopy. We're not ruling it out, but want to wait until my son is old enough for it to show up, if that is the case. Or, see if he gets to the point that he accepts being gluten-free. (We don't have very good compliance with him since he's 3.5--his symptoms don't...
  3. We did go through something similar with my second son. He had fissures as an exclusively breastfed infant (which definitely seems odd, looking back--obviously, I was eating something that didn't agree with him and caused much straining). And, then, despite using "elimination communication" (which...