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  1. OBXMom

    Iga Levels.. What?

    Why don't you call your doctor's office and say you won't be able to sleep until you find out what the range is? I don...
  2. OBXMom


    There is definitely a link. I have read that all diabetic children should be tested for celiac, as an alarming percentage...
  3. OBXMom

    Carnegie Deli, Dallas Bbq In Nyc

    Thank you both for your help. I will add what I learned, too, in case anyone in the future does a search with a similar...
  4. My son did have joint and bone pain, and it took about two years of gluten free living for it to stop. I kept wondering...
  5. OBXMom

    Gi Viruses And Celiac

    My son's tummy bugs were worse before his celiac diagnosis, and have gradually disappeared (knock on wood). He still...
  6. OBXMom

    Atopic Eczema And Celiac Disease

    I'm sorry your little guy is having such a hard time. Have you seen an allergist? I would look for a pediatric allergist...
  7. My daughter is traveling with a school group to New York, and they are scheduled to eat at the Carnegie Deli and Dallas...
  8. OBXMom

    Please Help Me Diagnose My 2Yo!

    This is one of those many days when I wish I had a medical degree. Many of the symtpoms you describe could definitely...
  9. OBXMom


    Jennifer, I am so sorry that your children have had such a tough time. I remember those days before my son was diagnosed...
  10. OBXMom

    Anyone With A Celiac/inattentive Add Child?

    Your daughter sounds like my daughter used to be, and I felt really sad for her as I read your post. We pulled out the...
  11. Did you make a formal request in writing for a 504 plan, and was a meeting held that determined your child is ineligible...
  12. OBXMom

    How Long Before Iga Labs Normalize

    Two inches growth in three months is awesome! I don't know whether thyroid treatments can result in this kind of growth...
  13. OBXMom

    How Long Before Iga Labs Normalize

    I can certainly understand your concern, if you have been gluten free for 6 months and still have such a high number...
  14. OBXMom

    Dental Issues With Gluten Free

    While we are on the subject, celiac disease also can cause delays in tooth development. The dentist said my 10 year...