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  1. Thanks - this recipe is likely to be a life-saver. I have wanted a crust recipe that works. Looking forward to trying this.
  2. Gluten intolerance and lactose intolerance often go hand in hand. I am drinking only lactose free milk as I need something to have with my cereal (gluten-free of course). I have got used to the LF milk. Being celiac means that we are always undernourished and struggle to gain or maintain weight...
  3. Thaanks for these posts. I have been Celiac for about 10 years and am still learning the ins and out, do's and don'ts. I recently had some major issues through hypothyroidism and the complications. Now I am on folic acid and manganese asporotate. I am also considering taking B12 as a further supplement...
  4. Sorry to hear of your challenge. I think it may take several days before a reaction sets in, if it does at all. Gluten intolerance is a challenging issue and one which never goes away. I take a Dapsone tablet (100mg) once a week to counteract any effects I may get from any gluten that sneaks in even...