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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Huh, how interesting. I thought I had been glutened by a Beringer Pinot Noir a couple of months ago. I mostly drink South American wines now, and usually don't have any problems. I guess it's a matter of the process at each winery.
  3. They answered it as honestly as they are required to answer it. The ATF jurisdiction on alcohol is the reason why wine companies don't have to list the allergens (like fish or egg that has been used to fine it) that it contains on the label as do food companies now have to. But you're right that...
  4. Well, Capt. Morgan got back to me, and I don't really like their response: "Thank you for taking time to contact Captain Morgan. Your feedback is important to us. In regards to your inquiry, please be advised that our non-flavored rums are considered gluten free, however our flavored malt beverages...
  5. Does anyone else have any problem with the Spiced Rum? I'm trying to get recent confirmation with them (something else other than postings from 2006), but I haven't had any luck. I've recently had some outbreaks of DH and I'm wondering if this is the cause.
  6. I totally have that trouble. I, too, think it's probably a good thing that they warn us about any ounce of cc possibility, but how much do we take that chance anyway on products that don't have the cc warning on their label? In a way the label confirms what we know we don't know. But speaking...