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  1. I have been (mostly) gluten free for the last 6 months, and before that have been gluten free for about a year and a half. I first started when my daughter had slightly above normal blood tests (but nothing showed on her endoscopy). So we both did Enterolab testing and hers was pretty high (50), while mine was a 20 on a scale starting at 10 being normal. Our DNA testing did not show celiac genes, but we each had 2 genes indicating gluten intolerance. My daughter truly gets ill eating gluten and has remained 100% gluten free ever since. I, however, do not get sick, and only felt slightly sick after eating gluten for the first time after a year of being free of it. My blood tests, per the doctor, are normal. I'm sure if I had an endoscopy it would be normal as well. I originally went gluten free only because of the Enterolab test and now I'm doubting that I need to do this. Are the Enterolab tests really enough to go on all by themselves? I don't want to hurt myself even if I can't feel that I'm doing it!
  2. Thanks for the quick reply! I bought suave cocoa butter lotion and don't see anything that mentions wheat, so it must be okay! Good to know!
  3. Is Suave lotion gluten free? I thought I'd heard that all suave products are okay, but I just want to make sure
  4. Just a quick question. I couldn't find a recent topic on Kool Aid, so I thought I'd ask again. Does Kool Aid contain gluten? I know that it's made by Kraft, but I did notice maltodextrin on the ingredient list. Is it safe?
  5. Just wondered if anyone knows if Andy Capp's hot fries are gluten free. I know that they used to contain hydrolyzed wheat gluten , but while I was at the grocery store today, I decided to read the ingredients label out of curiosity, and I didn't see any wheat ingredients listed. The label now says "contains milk". So..does anyone know if these are safe now?
  6. My mother just brought a box of James' brand Salt Water Taffy back from the Atlantic City boardwalk. Anyone ever had it before or know if it's gluten free? The allergen info says.. ALLERGY INFORMATION: Our production facilities share common processing equipment. All of our products may contain traces of the following: Peanuts, Soybeans, Milk, Eggs, and/or tree nuts. should I go ahead and eat them, seeing that the allergy info doesn't list anything? I can't find any further information.
  7. Just saw that Yoplait has created a frozen smoothie product that is sold in the frozen section of grocery stores. Does anyone know if these are gluten free? The ingredients seem okay, but I haven't eaten any yoplait products since before I went gluten free. Has anyone tried these?
  8. I will be going on vacation tomorrow, and was wondering if Dramamine is gluten free, and safe for me to take. We will be driving for about 9 hours, so it would certainly help to cut back on the car sickness.
  9. Thanks for the info about fructose malabsorption! I may look into getting tested for it!
  10. I've only had the chicken noodle, but I thought it was pretty good, especially with schar crackers in it! I had a box of the chilli in my freezer as well, an das I was about to go eat it, I decided to read the label again and right under the ingredients, it said "manufactured in a facility that contains gluten." I decided it wasnt' worth the risk, so I won't be buying anything from this brand again anytime soon.
  11. I have been gluten free for a year and am doing pretty well, but I've noticed in the last couple of months that I have problems whenever I eat anything sweet (even fruit). What kinds of test can my doctor run to determine what kinds of sugar I can eat? I hate the thought of not eating ANY sugar at all. Aren't fruits supposed to be healthy sugar and not give me that much of a problem? I am in college and this is getting hard to deal with.
  12. Hello-- I was just diagnosed with a possible sinus infection and was prescribed Barr Laboratories brand Azithromycin 250 mg tablets. The pharmacy at my doctors office as well as the company said that the tablets do not contain gluten. Has anyone else taken these before and had any problems. I haven't taken them yet, and wanted to make sure before I do. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for posting! SO great to hear! Now I can enjoy my favorite potato chips without a problem!
  14. Hello-- I just bought two bags of Food Should Taste Good chips, and before I go and eat them, I wanted to make sure they are 100 percent gluten free and safe to eat! I noticed that a few varieties had oat fiber listed as an ingredient, which makes me wonder! I'd love to hear feedback from anyone who has tried this brand!
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