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  1. Jk, that EXACT description is what I had been experiencing periodically over the past couple of years on rare occasions (About once a month for a couple of days). That's why I eventually decided to get tested for Celiac. All of the tests, including endoscopy, were normal, however. I'm a Type 1 diabetic that has an insulin pump. The symptoms had gone away for a long time, but a couple of months ago they came back over a 24 hour period-pain in certain "Spots" in the abdomen, nausea, general fatigue, confusion/inability to concentrate, irregular heartbeats, and a rash on the stomach were all
  2. Hi, KL. If you haven't had glucose testing done, I would think about that just so you may rule out diabetes. Anything having to do with blurry vision, you always want to rule out Diabetes in such a case, especially w/ the acknowledgement that Celiac Sprue and Diabetes share the same pathway (Blatently clear for me, at least). If these attacks are occuring within a two hour window of high carb snacks or meals, that would come as a key signal.
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