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  1. Although I have tested positive for celiac I have continued searching why I have been the only family member affected...
  2. Green Eyes

    Anyone Sail Carnival Recently?

    I sailed on Carnival Destiny in April!!! Best vacation EVER!!! And dare to say the best vacation for someone on a gluten...
  3. Green Eyes

    Questions From A Newbie

    Because we do not experience symptoms, this make the entire process more difficult. I suggest working closely with a...
  4. I have one additional suggestion. Cleansing the system and then starting a regimen may be recommended. Cleansing the...
  5. Hey, just wanted to put in my two cents worth. It took me months to find doctors that would work with me. When one...
  6. Hi Anne-Elise, My story is similar to yours, but I didn't even have the GI symptoms. I was having problems but nothing...
  7. I to had low iron counts and the doctor put me on ferrous sulfate along with a multi-vitamin. The fs is suppose to be...
  8. Green Eyes

    Gas...how To Know The Difference?

    Over time I have been able to realize the difference. Sad part is, this is trial and error for everyone. You will learn...
  9. Hey Jason, I think it is totally your right to choose what level you can live with. Does it really matter if you...
  10. Green Eyes

    Logan's Roadhouse gluten-free Menu

    Now that is Awesome!!!! Jennifer
  11. Green Eyes

    Are Enemas A Good Idea?

    GI doctors usually recommend flushing out with Miralax. That is what I used before a colonoscopy and definitely completed...
  12. Since being diagnosed 7 months ago I felt like I was left to fend for myself. My GI doctor refused to monitor me or...
  13. Green Eyes

    Nausea And Glutening Question

    I experienced nausea in the beginning. I eventually found out it was because of getting gluten. It was the vitamins...
  14. Green Eyes

    Follow Ups Needed/screening?

    I haven't figured out if not having outward symptoms is a blessing or a curse. I guess it is all in how you look at...
  15. Hey dogle, I think all of us can say we've been there to some degree. You can't change what has already happened...