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  1. The best thing to do is talk with the staff and ask them to help you find something. It can be a little tricky when ordering Chinese because they often marinate the meat in soy sauce. I have found a place that doesnt pre-marinate the meat and I get the garlic chicken with no soy sauce and have no problems. At Another restuarant I went to, the waitress was very helpful and checked with the cook, and it turned out there was only one thing on the menu I was able to eat!! I would check with a few different restaurants and see if you can find one that is suitable for your needs/tastes. Good luck!! also.. about PF Changs.. Whatever you do, do not order the Cantonese Chow Fun. I sent mine back because it was so bland, and the waiter said the gluten free version of that gets sent back all the time. I ended up ordering the spicy chicken and that was pretty good, but I prefer more athentic Chinese food, so I probably wont go back there.
  2. i have finally found a bread that you dont have to toast or heat up. it is the food for life white rice bread. it is soft and moist and the closest thing i have found to regular bread. it does crumble apart, but it tastes so good i dont care. kinnikinik english muffins are my second choice for bread. you do have to heat them but they taste soooo good. the health food store i buy them from cant even get them right now because the company is out of stock!! thats how good they are!
  3. you still get cravings after 18 years? that is scary. i have been smoking 15+ years and i really would like to quit but the thought of not smoking is the worst feeling in the world. i tried the patch once and got really sick after about 2 hours, it was horrifying!! does anyone know if that has gluten in it? i would really like to try that again. but i'm scared that i'll get sick.
  4. i sent an email to world wraps and this is the reply i got. i dont really understand what she means about soy being fermented with wheat. but here is the reply. Hello, here is the information you requested. Please let us know if you have any more nutritional questions! Thank you. According to the Gluten Intolerance Group, rice, corn, potatoes and beans are OK. Wheat and most other grains are to be avoided/eliminated. This allows the gluten-free dieter to enjoy our bowls with either Spanish or jasmine rice, polenta or potatoes. Because of the predominance of soy (which is fermented with wheat) in our food, including the marinade of our chicken and steak, the soy finish to the salmon and tofu and the soy in the Ginger Slaw Marinade, most of our wrapp preparations are eliminated. Safe as is; SW Shrimp, Baja Veg and Mexican Bean & Cheese, Curry Veg, Portabella/Mushroom/Goat and both soups. Safe with minor modification; Caesar (no croutons), Tequila Lime Shrimp and Caribbean Sole (both without slaw). Safe with significant modification (can't guarantee the tastiness, but might not be bad); Thai Chicken (no chicken, no slaw), Samurai Salmon (no salmon, no wasabi), Chicken Parmesan (no chicken), Fajita (without chicken or steak). No Bento, Asian Salad, Potstickers. Yes to chips and salsa and all smoothies, except Blue Mango Boost and Triathlete, because of the boosts. Hope this helps..... Stuart Smith, Executive Chef
  5. i bring bumble bars, bananas, avacados, yoghurt etc. also, if there are a lot of restaurants in the area go in & talk with them to find out possible things you can eat. i did this, and found out that i can eat taco's from the authentic mexican restaurant, and anything on the menu at the thai restaurant ( they dont use any wheat what so ever!!! i even get the chinese restaurant to make the garlic chicken with out soy sauce for me. another thing i do is get deli salads from the grocery store. the dressing and crutons are usually in seperate packages so i dont have to worry about conamination. i keep a bottle of annies natural salad dressing in the fridge at work. other things i snack on at work: nuts, string cheese, chocholate.
  6. wow i am very surprised that someone did not like the english muffins. i think you had to have gotten a weird batch because the english muffins are out of this world!!! i discovered them recently and have gone through 4 bags in a week. i can not stop eating them. it is the first bread i have had in a year that actually tastes like bread. they are light, fluffy and moist like bread should be. i also make little pizza's of them and its great!!
  7. imternational delights are gluten free... i have emailed them in the past. i use them in my coffee daily.
  8. I dont think it is. I ordered one and half way through I had to throw it away becuz I started getting sick. I dont know for sure, but my guess would be no.
  9. well kraft does list all wheat...so it really should be fine. i found some other gluten free meals....from tasy bite. if you like indian and tai, check out the website tastybite.com they have a gluten free statement...only a couple of their items contain gluten. the site will tell you which ones. its nice to have some other lunch options now
  10. well i read lables today...and the caprese chicken dinner does not have gluten. the kraft web site doesnt even list that meal but i saw it in the store and read the label....so at least there are 2 options now. some of the other ones would have been gluten free but that had to go and add soy sauce....arrggggg
  11. wow thanks for those tips.... and i never knew we could eat quinoa ..i figured it was some kind of wheat related thing..... i'll have to check into that...
  12. i saw these today...i didnt have time to read all the lables, but quite a few of them seemed like they are probably gluten free....maybe the store i was at has more variety.... i will check it out ...and let you know....( i was pretty excited to see them...i am getting a little sick of amy's lunches and tai noodle bowls for work lunches every day)
  13. i just posted a topic on the lindt round truffles. they are not gluten free. they have malt powder. i just discovered this the hard way. the white chocholate truffles are ok...i eat those all the time. the dark are the ones with the malt.
  14. wow...i have two different kinds...i had only read the label on the white chocholate ones....but i just read the label on the regular chocholate and it does indeed have malt powder in it. i used to be so careful w/ labels...but have found that most chocholate is ok...so i got kind of lazy with reading labels on choc. i guess this will teach me to be more careful its weird how fast my body reacts to gluten...i had awful pains within minutes of eating them. my body always knows.
  15. i thought i would check here first to see if anyone knew offhand. i am sure you guys know what a drag it can be to be on hold with places like that and even when you get them on the phone half the time they dont even know.....
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