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  1. Thanks, I will try it. Rice flour is a bit high in oxalate but its better then nothing.. The flour that is best...
  2. Does anyone have a recipe for bread that contains rice, potato and tapioca? I can't use corn, soy, oat or teff. ...
  3. Is this bread mix bread taste good? Is it easy to make?
  4. Which size is the eggs? Are the eggs room temperature (70F)?
  5. I need help with this recipe. The first time I made it turned out great but the next 4 times it hasn't worked at all...
  6. here is an update.. I don't have any words I have made about 70 bread after this started.. I have bought...
  7. kannne

    Silicone, Mold.

    I bake 6 bread at a time in 2 racks (second from the bottom and second from the top9
  8. I have bought new silicone bread pans but the bread is not finish after 1 hour (as it is in the other pans). Is it normal...
  9. I have my standard bread mix I use for bread with corn, rice, lupin ++ But now I have finally bought sorghum and...
  10. Does anyone have a good gluten-free recipe on pita bread and tortilla wrap??
  11. I will need to check when I come home. Now I am on holiday untill juli 11.
  12. I bought 120 lbs of flour. Some of the boxes has best before march 2011, some of then december 2010. I didn't...
  13. I can try adding less water next time and then add baking soda and see what happens. The old flour is the bad one...
  14. The dough from the bad flour rise. Not as much as the good flour but then fell together when I bake it. Isn't it...