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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Does anyone know which if any of Peet's Coffee & Tea's teas are gluten-free? I've emailed them and still no response.
  2. Princess Cruises

    Sounds like you are a seasoned cruise veteran! This was my first cruise, but definitley not my last. We will be on the Caribbean Princess but haven't picked a week for sure yet, we're looking mid-October. We'd like to go West, but in October I think they only sail East, so we'll probably have the same ports of call. I found the diet to be a struggle at first too. I've been gluten-free for about 16 months now and it does get easier with time, although I do still have those days where I'm frustrated. The week I spent on the ship was one of those easy times, I hope you find it that way too!!
  3. Princess Cruises

    Hi Nita, First, did you book through a travel agent, or on your own? If you used a travel agent, that person is supposed to sent a letter to Princess stating that you have special dietary needs. That will alert them to order our special breads and other items for you. If you booked on your own, Princess should send you a booking number or some kind of password for you to access the "Cruise Personalizer" section of their website. There is a place on there to indicate that you will need to eat gluten free. Also, since so many of us have this, you won't be the only person on the ship with this diet, so if you can't figure it out ahead of time most likely they will already have gluten free items on board. If your menu will be like mine was, it changed every night, but there was a section that stayed the same......grilled chicken, steak, salmon, all safe. Each night there were 3 different soups, and almost always they were ok. Even the ones with pastas in them. They made a separate batch for us special people. I mostly ate fish, a different kind every night. I also had prime rib, yummy! For most entrees it was just simply eliminating the sauce and the plate garnish that was the trick. Dessert was the best part, since I had a few choices every night. I ate lots of chocolate mousse, caramel custards, even some cookies made with almond paste! Your head waiter will become your best friend. If you have any more specific questions I'll be happy to answer them if I can. Where are you going?? I'm cruising again in October, maybe I'll see you. Sheri
  4. Princess Cruises

    I just wanted to let everyone know that Princess did a WONDERFUL job in accomodating my diet. I talked to the head waiter when we arrived, and each night he went over the menu with me to let me know what was safe, and what special modifications they could do if the whole dish wasn't safe. He also met me in the buffet for breakfast to help me in the mornings as well. They had pre-ordered bread for me, along with rice pasta and cookies which I never had to eat since I had so much "normal" food to choose from. Everything I brought with me as "just in case" food went back home at the end of the trip. I would definitely recommend this as a good way for us Celiacs to vacation without the worry of "what will I be able to eat??". I'll be going back again in October.
  5. Social Anxiety

    YankeeDB, I tried that yesterday when I picked the prescription up, and my pharmacist was less than helpful. He couldn't find the phone number and then told me to just call Glaxo myself. The person I talked to at Glaxo this morning was a pharmacist, but still couldn't give me a straight answer. I guess besides figuring out whether or not this drug is safe, I also need to find a more knowledgable pharmacist. UGH!!
  6. Social Anxiety

    I was diagnosed with social anxiety yesterday, but I've know that I've had it for a long time now. My doctor wants me to try Paxil CR, but I can't seem to get a difinitive answer as to whether or not it's safe. I've seen the regular formulation of Paxil on the gluten free drug lists, but not the CR version. I called GlaxoSmithKline and their response was that while they don't believe that any ingredients contain gluten, they can't confirm that is the case for any of the ingredients that are coming from an outside supplier. Does anyone know for sure? This disease is frustrating enough.....finding things to help you shouldn't be.
  7. Anyone know any brands that are safe? I'm trying to check into Gallo, but haven't heard anything back yet.
  8. I am a celiac and finally was able to convince my sister to get tested after a year of nagging. She went to her doctor for the blood test, and all they would give her was a cholesterol test. She tried to explain that she needed the antibody panel, and they won't budge. Does anyone know where she can go outside of her doctor to get tested?
  9. According to the website, all varieties are gluten free. http://www.crest.com/index_flash.html
  10. Princess Cruises

    Thanks for the info! I was figuring that I would probably have to bring some snacks for the 3 days I was at port. I selected gluten free in my profile, but perhaps I'll also give them a call just to confirm, and to see what I can expect. I'm headed to the Caribbean!
  11. Princess Cruises

    Has anyone had any experience with Princess Cruise Lines? I'm going on a 7 day cruise in May. They claim they can accomodate the diet, but without knowing anybody that has done this successfully, I'm a bit skeptical. I'm trying to figure out if I should pack any food to bring with me so I don't spend a week starving on vacation.
  12. Safe Alcohol

    I emailed Wyder's and received this reply: Thanks for your inquiry. Our Peach and Apple ciders do not contain any gluten. However, our Pear and Raspberry ciders may have some gluten so for safety reasons unfortunately we would have to recommend that persons allergic to gluten not consume our Pear or Raspberry ciders. Looks like the Pear Cider isn't safe after all.
  13. You can find potato starch flour in most regular grocery stores in the Kosher section.
  14. Kozy Shack Pudding

    Yes, the chocolate pudding is also gluten-free. I belive it's even labeled that way on the back of the package. Enjoy!