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  1. OK, does anyone has any general or personal information how bad is beer for celiac disease?
  2. It's not me, but someone raised the question, if the 2 tests mentioned (DGP and TT) are specific only for antibodies for gliadins (in wheat) or also for hordeins (in barley) and secalins (in rye). No biopsy or genetic testing has been done. At this point, it's a theoretical question.
  3. I'm trying to figure out a case when someone who had mild "IBS" symptoms was positive for celiac by 2 tests: deamidated gliadin peptide IgG and transglutaminase IgA. After stopping drinking beer (barley), but continuing consuming wheat and rye, symptoms disappeared.
  4. Acne are not itchy or only mildly itchy and they look like red bumps with or without white centers. The bumps are quite separated from each other. What did you start to eat after going gluten-free? More fruits and sugary foods? This can trigger acne. http://www.ehealthstar.com/conditions/acne-vulgaris ...
  5. Due to celiac disease, you can have fructose malabsorption or lactose intolerance or both at the same time. When your celiac disease is not active, fructose malabsorption and lactose intolerance should subside too. Unless you have them independently of celiac disease.
  6. Corn and corn starch are OK in fructose malabsorption. Foods to avoid in FM are those that contain more fructose than glucose. Sucrose, for example, which contains equal parts of fructose and glucose, should not be a problem. Here's a brief explanation of fructose malabsorption with...
  7. Sarah, if your pain (and tenderness) is mainly in your upper left abdomen, you may have "gas pain" or with a fancy term "splenic flexure syndrome" (splenic flexure is a part of colon that runs near the spleen). http://www.hxbenefit.com/gas-pain-trapped-wind-in-the-chest.html The pain is...
  8. Bloating can be caused by sweeteners called polyols or "sugar alcohols:" sorbitol, xylitol, maltitol and mannitol. These sweeteners are not absorbed in the small intestine, so they travel to the large intestine, where the normal intestinal bacteria break them down and produce gases. You can...
  9. Theoretically they can break your gallstones in a similar way as they break kidney stones (lithotripsy), but they won't do this in all hospitals. A single big stone may be much less problematic than small stones, which can leave the gallbladder and lodge in the bile duct, which can cause severe pain...
  10. Systemic yeast overgrowth in individuals with normal immunity is a myth. Everyone can get fungal infection on the skin, but usually only people with impaired immunity (AIDS, chemotherapy, steroid treatment, immunosuppressants) get systemic candidiasis. If you will have a stool test for candida...
  11. I also think this is more likely a neurological (possibly brain) issue, because it it unilateral. Celiac disease can be associated with malabsorption of B complex vitamins, which can cause numbness, but this would be likely bilateral. I strongly suggest you to go to a doctor soon.
  12. Combined food intolerances are common. Lactose intolerance can trigger or worsen fructose malabsorption, for example. Another issue is that malabsorbed nutrients feed bacteria and can lead to small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), which in turn worsen a food intolerance. When you solve the...