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  1. Rice Guy... Thank you so much! You have made that so much more clear! I was wondering why carob, guar gum and gum arabic were listed on some of my foods labelled "soy free". I don't have reactions to any other legumes so I'm safe eating guar gum, carob, gum arabic and xanthan gum, correct? This...
  2. Thank you for the Chocolate advice... I'll have to look for that the next time I'm in Walmart. So you get itchy rashes from soy too? It's the worst! I didn't think guar gum could have soy being that so many of my foods have it but are labelled soy-free. But some websites will say that it...
  3. Hello! I am a Celiac but also intolerant to soy. When I consume soy, I break out in a horrible, itch rash on my hands that takes weeks to clear up. It seems that I cannot tolerate soy lecithin, as some people with soy intolerance can. My question... I've read that guar gum, gum arabic, carob...