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  1. jordanandnadia

    Feeling Your Baby Move?

    Thanks for all your responses. Like I mentioned, I wasn't sure what it was because it's something new that I haven't experienced yet. It was a fluttery feeling, pretty indescribable, but I just didn't know what it was. I'm in week 13...
  2. jordanandnadia

    Feeling Your Baby Move?

    hi all, so I'm almost 13 weeks pregnant with my first baby, and I really think that I felt the baby move today. It was really light, but most of the baby websites say you wont normally feel it until about 16 weeks. My question - do...
  3. jordanandnadia

    Prenatal Vitamins And Diarrhea

    I've been on Nature's Made Prenatals for about 3 months with no problems. Just found out yesterday that I'm about 4-5 weeks pregnant, and I haven't had any issues either. Sorry it's not much of a help.
  4. Hi all, I'm traveling to Germany for my sister's wedding in September, and we're having difficulty with the catering company. They want a complete list of the ingredients that I can not have (fortunately gluten-free only), and said the...
  5. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  6. jordanandnadia

    Feeling Down

    I was diagnosed over 6 years ago and have been on a strict gluten-free diet since then. All I can say is what you're feeling is totally normal. Those crappy feelings will get less and less over time. Most days I'm totally fine, it doesn...
  7. I don't know the cause of it, but mine does it too, some days are worse than others.... Today is really bad, it sucks being at work because I feel like everyone can hear my stomach. I've been trying to reschedule my meetings so I don...
  8. jordanandnadia

    Gluten In Spices?

    There are all sorts of spices that are gluten-free. McCormicks' pure spices - NOT THE BLENDS are gluten-free, and just check labels and call companies, i know i have a ton of spices, but they're mostly from the UK so i'm not too sure about...
  9. Hello everyone, I've been gluten-free for about 1.5 years, and now i am finaaly achieving more than sticking to my gluten-free diet daily, i'm graduating from college! I am writing my final paper on celiac disease, and i'm trying to take...
  10. Has anyone found problems with dried fruit? The label doesn't indicate anything non gluten-free, and i totally feel like hell right now. It's the only thing that i can narrow it down to, didn't do anything else, no crosscontamination from...
  11. jordanandnadia

    Does Anyone Feel Like This?

    i was sedated during my endoscopy... it was heaven. slept like a baby. didn't feel a thing. My throat felt like i was starting to get a cold after the endoscopy, but about halfway through the day i started feeling much better. I think...
  12. jordanandnadia

    Safe Alcohol

    Connie, any idea why the Hornsby's draft cider is not gluten-free? The label doesn't indicate any different ingredients from their apple cider. Anything that could not be gluten-free anyways? Just curious, czuse i love my ciders... ...
  13. jordanandnadia

    Kids Sleep Habits

    Don't know if this has anythign to do with the celiac disease, but when i was little i didn't sleep through the night until i was 6... My mom still likes to point that out. I wasn't diagnosed until a year ago though (i was 20 then). Maybe...
  14. jordanandnadia

    What Is Normal Now?

    I don't know about normal per say, but my depression, anxiety, bowel movements and a lot of other things have gotten so much better in the past year, i can't even begin to tell you guys. They had me on 4 different kinds of anti-deps and...
  15. jordanandnadia

    I Give Up!

    Please don't quit your diet, the first three months are the hardest. I promise you it will get better, and after a while you learn how to substitute the foods for what you once loved, and it makes all the difference in the world. Have you...