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  1. For those of you looking for yummy asian-infusion dishes when eating out, Tom Tom in West Village (Uptown) just sent me a list of their gluten free dishes. On Tue, Oct 21, 2008 at 6:27 PM, Michael Giese <michaelrgiese@gmail.com> wrote: Licci, The following menu items are gluten free at Tom Tom Asian Grill. We unfortunately do not have a wheat free soy sauce substitute which does eliminate many of our dishes. Thai Vegetable Spring Rolls Shrimp Summer Rolls Orange Chicken Shrimp Coconut Curry Edamame South Indian Curry Chicken Chicken Coconut Curry Thai Green Curry Chocolate Terrine Banana Spring Rolls Crispy Cheesecake All of our salads are gluten free without dressing and our Coconut Seabass if you substitute white rice instead of brown. I apologize about the delayed response but I have been out of town. Thanks and we hope to see you at Tom Tom! Michael Giese -General Manager
  2. I love Houston's spinach artichoke dip and just recently got diagnosed with celiac, but my friend who's also gluten-free talked to the waiter at Houston's who said they use a chicken broth in the recipe that has trace amounts of gluten and she's had no problems with it after eating it. I also love the Porch (on Henderson) but they use a roux-based sauce in their spinach dip which has flour.
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