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  1. Aloha, I am having a hard time with my husband, I have been ill w/ fibromyalgia 5 yrs but getting better now and a possitive celiac blood panel test for about (so I guess it's...
  2. Aloha, Just wondering if anyone has tryed these and how are they? gluten-free Wraps/Tortillas by La Tortilla Factory
  3. Aloha, C Can you please post your favorite sorghum bread recipe? Thanks
  4. Aloha, I was wondering if anyone knew if the Hormel natural meats were gluten free?
  5. Aloha, Can you please post this recipe for the Quinoa bread? Thanks!
  6. Aloha, I would like a good tasting and good texture recipe for flour tortillas PLEASE!!!! I miss flour tortillas sooooooooooomuch! So if anyone has a really good one please let...
  7. Aloha, Does anyone know if meadowgold viva cottage cheese is gluten free?
  8. Aloha Queen of hearts, I would love to get a (good) bread recipe from you using the millet flour etc. one that wasn't dry and toasted well. Thank You, ><>suz<>...
  9. Aloha, I was wondering if the rembrant whitening strips and toothpaste were gluten free?
  10. Aloha, I am on a low carb diet and just wondering if anyone knows if Carb Solutions IceCream and Atkins Endulge ice cream are gluten free? Thanks! ><>suz<><
  11. Aloha, I would love your recipe for good home made gluten-free bread Thank You, ><>suzanne<><
  12. Aloha, Yesterday I ate one of those huge icecream bars covered w/chocolate and rolled in chopped almonds from Costco food court. Well about 1/2 hr after consuming I got in the...
  13. :)Aloha! Please email me the list and ThankYou! happy_dog_suz@hotmail.com
  14. Yes! Please send it to me and Thank You for all your work on helping others! happy_dog_suz@hotmail.com Suzanne
  15. Seems like alot of work to send hundreds of pages to everyone but if it's not I'd like one too! happy_dog_suz@hotmail.com Thank You!!!!
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