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  1. i have been waiting for a follow up email to say whether products are gluten free and a SILK buyer is looking in to it...
  2. songstressc

    No More Silk At Starbucks

    Thanks for the info. I wonder if it is because Silk milks are no longer marked as gluten free?
  3. just moved to Denver Colorado and really need to find a good pain specialist -one that open minded. I apologize if this...
  4. I am interested in a support group in Denver ; we are new here. Anyone else?
  5. I accidentally came across this information. I was inquiring as to whether either the silk brand eggnog or pumpkin drink...
  6. songstressc

    The Celiac Belly

    If evacuating is hard for anyone there is a natural way to try; take magnesium start with the lowest amount say 100mg...
  7. songstressc

    Crock Pot

    A good site is A Year of Slowcooking the site address is crockpot365.blogspot.com i used to throw stuff together...
  8. I have not used them yet but I did email them about Teff and they emailed back that they get the Teff from a farmer who...
  9. songstressc

    Soy Lecithin To Replace Eggs?

    I am interested in using lecithin and I know you can by it liquid - I tried to find it at our health food store and they...
  10. songstressc

    Easy, Yummy Bread In Minutes

    I tried the original recipe tonight and we had burgers on buns for the first time since going Gluten-Free! This is great...
  11. songstressc

    Grinding Grains Into Fine Flour

    thank you so much for the input! Funny the two mills I was looking at was the Nutrimill and I believe it was the Country...
  12. songstressc

    Cinnamon Swirl Quick Bread?

    I highly reccommend the late Betty Hagman's The Gluten Free Gourmet Bakes Bread . I only started the gluten free life...
  13. songstressc

    Grinding Grains Into Fine Flour

    I notice that a lot view my posts but I don't receive replys. Am I not posting properly? Please if anyone has any info...
  14. I would really like to buy the whole grains of Teff, Amaranth, Millet and the other grains I use and make my own flour...
  15. songstressc

    Traveling Abroad, 1st Time Since Sons Dx....help?

    I purchased The Gluten Free Bible - and this book is full of helpful suggestions on travel AND has pages in the back...