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Well first off i hope i get the most from this website, second i hope that i do have this disease, because i'm avoiding my favorite food group! I'm starting to think...green.

anyways im 19 ive fought, or fought to the best of my ability, depression and anxiety all my life. But im such a good sport that i manage to "fake it". Which is what you have to do when you live up north, people are mean and rugged. No one wants a crybaby, now! (assholes)

I tried college and im gonna go back once my manic ideas of who i am vs. who i want to be come to an end. I used to want to join the marines but now from the looks of things i don't think it'll happen, considering the crap they have you eat (unless they can make it special for me).

I like to work out, bike and play tennis, ski, and play the guitar. sometimes i like to write funny stories or comics. that's about it.

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