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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Restaurants Near Disneyland gluten-free?

    The restaraunts at the Disney City Walk offer gluten free options and I found them very accomidating. Since they are on Disney property they have to comply with Disney's food regulations. Just like any other restaraunt, ensure you tell your waiter/waitress. A lot of the places I have noticed work like PF Changs used to by having a seperate menu from the regular menu, just ask the host/hostess.
  2. I just stared having kidney stone issues for about 5 months now to the point I am seeing a nephrologist and he has me on 10 mEq (1080 mg) of potassium citrate three times a day to prevent future recurrances of stones. I keep asking him if it is related to my celiac but he keeps saying no. I have read many articles and studies linking the two together because of the mal-aborbtion issue.
  3. P.f. Chang's Plates?

    I have never had a problem with PF Changs since going gluten free. I went to the one in Fresno because it's the closest to where I live. When we ordered our dinner, we ordered the lettuce wraps because for the longest time (even on this forum) they were gluten free. I found out from my waiter that when gluten free orders are put into the computer, they go to a different part of the kitchen that is designated as gluten free from the dishes they use to cooking to the serving dishes. Like others have said, my food has always come on the designated logo plates to include the lettuce wraps. The only warning that I have is with the wait staff. It seems that the newer ones aren't too well "versed" in our needs. I have had some though that completely understood, and went as far as bringing out a seperate sauce tray with gluten free soy sauce (served in a red bowl) and a fresh spoon to mix it with.
  4. Back Issues

    I appreciate it, I also believe in positive healing energies. I will have to ask my doc about that when I see him again. Unfortunately, it is beyond a herniated disc. Got the results of my MRI and I have degenertating disc disease, degenerated joint disease, the hernia, spinal stenosis, and a disclocated vertibrae.
  5. Back Issues

    So yea, it's not what they originally thought. Well, I still have the wedged vertebrae, but it is more along the lines of a herniated and torn disc that is causing all the pain. So it looks like surgery... Just waiting on when.
  6. I don't know what symptoms you gut, but here is what I do when I get glutened: Drink a lot of water to help flush your system and prevent dehydration. Immodium for diareah. Tylenol for pains headache and fever. Benadryll for skin reaction (I get a really nasty itching rash). Gas-x for bloating (make sure you have the green capsule looking ones, the tablets have gluten in them). Hope this helps.
  7. Celiac Vaccine?

    I have to agree. We have a genetic reason as to why we are this way. If we get glutened, sure we can take things to help with the symptoms just like if we had a virus. I think confusing our immune systom into processing something that is, how should I put this.... Poison to our bodies could end up causing more damage. I know a lot of us (me included) did years worth of damage by eating gluten just because we didn't know. Until an actual cure is found, it is a disease plain and simple. I think that money could be used for finding cures for diseases that people die from more than celiac does, HIV/AIDS for example. For me, I will just stick with the diet until there is documented proof of a cure, and I really don't see that happening in my life time.
  8. I've been on the diet for around two or three years now. I agree completely that it dose easier over time however, I haven't noticed it totally go away. I still have the ocassional craving, and it is usually for foods that I have not found a replacement for yet. We are getting lucky that there are many different companies out there that make gluten free foods that are much better than what some of the (for lack of better terms) older people on the forum. Even since I started I have noticed many great changes to the food. Just like quitting anything addicting, you have to take it one day at a time. I have quitted smoking myself so I can sympathize with that as well. Give it time and soon you will be able to face and control the cravings.
  9. I'm sure someone may have posted something like this before, but I figured I would throw this out there. Has anyone had any back problems that came up after being diagnosed? Currently, my doctor is looking into one degenerating disc and two wedged vertebrae. DW is thinking it might be related to mal-absorption from the damage that we all went through.
  10. In And Out

    I haven't been to one for a while, according to one of the other posts I've seen, you can get the sauce in individual packets to put on your sandwich as well.
  11. Glutenated - Is Imodium The Answer?

    I usually go with the Imodium multi symptom stuff that also helps with the other aspects without any problems. I also push the fluids like there was no tommorow.
  12. I prefer P.F. Changs, they make life a lot easier and the are the safest when it comes to CC. Going out to eat whas the hardest thing for me to start doing after diagnosis. It was scary and I wasn't too sure what to say. It is one of those things that does get easier with time. If you are unsure how to mention it to the restaraunt staff, there are cards you can print off of the internet to give them to help explain things. If it is a place I haven't been to before, I ask for a manager, and usually end up talking to everyone (I think I even talked to the dishwasher at one place). You have to remember one thing, it is your health, not theirs. Also many times I find myself explaining what I go through becuase many people just don't know. I figure it can only help out someone else like us down the road. I even explained to a waiter what he needs to ask/tell his doctor due to issues he was having. As far as pizza, I have had the best luck using Bob's Redmill Pizza Crust mix. I end up making individual size pizza crusts with it and freezing the rest.
  13. I haven't had too many problems finding a safe Turkey. All my problems have been around chicken....
  14. Stinky Solutions

    I've used gas-x softgels without any problems. Just be sure you actually grab the softgels. Their other products have gluten in them. Also I will say on the other hand, I have friends that had reactions to the softgels. Do not use Beano, it has wheat in it.... (learned the hard way).
  15. One thing I have learned is to read the packaging on anything/everything. There are some poultry products out there that brine the birds before packaging and they like to use various gluten products as preservatives. It also seems to be more prevalent in the whole chickens. Got to really love hidden gluten.