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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I think you mean chorizo. I i mix it with eggs when i cook it. Is gluten free depending on preservitives all it is is...
  3. Go to www.drinkrev3.com it's a clean healthy energy drink, i love it!
  4. Some people are allergic to the gluten but not the wheat plant. But there are some people that are allergic to the gluten...
  5. Yeah different managers and kitchen staff do somthing different. The one here where i live use a flowerd shape carrot...
  6. Lets think about this people...You need to drink 54 oz of water to 12oz of soda to even your body's pH level out from...
  7. I hope this reaches you in time. Hey I'm from the Palm Desert area. I don't have dairy or nut allergies just gluten...
  8. OK so I've been thinking about your problem for a while now. I have not used wall mart brands soy sauce yet, but I've...
  9. I buy a bottle or two Monovie some time and have no problem with it. I like to take a shot of it before i work out or...
  10. Wow this thread just kept going. Definitely the most interesting one I've seen. When they test you for Celiacs disease...
  11. The only thing i trust from McDonald's is there fries. Only because they use a separate fryer for them. At home you...
  12. I know in Wisconsin there is a Noodles and Company and they have a list of there ingredients and allergeys. Also check...
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