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  1. Did you add anything to the turkey supper? Butter? maybe it had been used for the bread? (double dipped?). Did you...
  2. calico jo

    Great Homemade Snacks

    I bought a food dehydrator after neighbors offered for me to pick figs from their trees this year. I dried a bunch of...
  3. calico jo

    Stomach Ache After Glutened

    I realize this is a month after your post...you ate REGULAR cake? If you have gluten intolerance/celiac then you can...
  4. calico jo

    For Cat Lovers

    That's funny! Sometimes I'm glad that my little girl is as active as she is, on occasion when I've forgotten to turn...
  5. This just made me pull out all of my products and take a look at them. Fortunately I DON'T have the soy issue because...
  6. calico jo

    Swine Flu Shot

  7. calico jo

    For Cat Lovers

    I thought this was SOO funny. My one kitty is like this!
  8. calico jo

    Swine Flu Shot

    On Novartis' site it lists adjuvented vaccine for Germany (2 other countries , too, looked at it last night and am not...
  9. calico jo

    Swine Flu Shot

    I am not a medical professional, nor have a science background. I read articles by those WITH those credentials and...
  10. calico jo

    Swine Flu Shot

    Actually YES US Patent #20090047353-A1, Novartis applied for Nov. 6, 2006. http://appft1.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Parser...
  11. calico jo

    Swine Flu Shot

    Great posts, Thomas. The patent for the swine flu vax was obtained a couple of years before we even heard about it...
  12. calico jo

    Summary Of Restaurants In Denver, Co

    I just came back from a trip to Denver CO and was excited to see how many restaurants there are gluten free friendly...
  13. calico jo

    Swine Flu Shot

    Have you read that somewhere or seen it on a news program? I'm just wondering what your source is. According to everything...
  14. calico jo

    Feeling Dehydrated

    8 glasses may not be enough for you. Are you on any medications? Check how much sodium is in your diet, too. Do you...