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    Learning Modern Greek, playing guitar, my wonderful man and fiance.

About Me

Well, recently I was diagnosed with Celiac's disease after going through treatment for H. Pylori Bacteria. This is the reason I even came to the doctor, due to terrible stomach and intestinal cramping/pain and "irritable bowels".

Anyways, he suggested that my prior mental history could have had a causative agent, such as this lovely new diagnosis of Celiac's Disease. This bit of information came over me as a wave of relief, and also a pang of grief as a sudden flash of the three years of hell that I endured previously in my life came to mind.

From being diagnosed with Schizophrenia, Generalized Anxiety disorder and A.D.H.D at 16 years old to gaining monstrous amounts of weight, physical scarring due to self harm and the eventual diagnosis of Bipolar disorder in the next years.. Add in 3 psychiatric hospital visits against my will and I can well say that I have had a few "trials and tribulations".

I have been on most anti-psychotic medications known in the mental field and have been on a few here and there anti-depressant/anti-anxiety meds as well. When the diagnosis of Bipolar was given in November 2007, I knew that something was not going as it should be. I never did take the prescribed Lithium tablets and slowly weened myself off of all other medications in the following 3 weeks. I've never been on meds since and have never been more clear headed and lucid as I have been now.

March 2009 I went to a local general specification doctor and had some tests done due to terrible cramping, gas, irritable bowels in general and lots of bathroom visits. He tested for H.Pylori and to see if I possibly had antigens leading to the factor of an allergen being present in my diet.. wheat/gluten.

I did have H.Pylori and was medicated thoroughly for that and also told to stay off wheat/gluten. I stayed off of it for the remainder of the medication for H.Pylori and was hoping it would pass with the bacteria. I then proceeded to eat wheat care-free and started having the same symptoms again.

On return to the doctor in April I was told to stay away from wheat/gluten and have been more careful since. If I eat a quantity of gluten/wheat today, I will have auditory hallucinations THIS night.

I've usually been able to say "I think it's ok" and just eat it but I've found that being very careful makes my stomach feel a lot better and I worry a lot less if I had accidentally ingested wheat/gluten.

It's coming up on 2 years of being off of medications and 7 months gluten-free.

Thank you anyone who has taken the time to read this and may god bless you in your trials and give you strength as he had me.

  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

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