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  1. What brands of dried beans do you buy? i haven't been able to find any info online about CC issues with dried beans
  2. thank you for the links! i have blueberry spread i plan on using for the filling.. gluten free poptarts...here i come!
  3. what i would like to see: POPTARTS! i'm not buying another cookbook til it contains a "poptart" recipe that actually works. i want pictures to prove it. i have been gluten free since 2005 and to this day the only two things i actually miss are poptarts and the kind of rolls that don't belong in a muffin tin. that have their own shape and have a crusty top that you can melt butter over. other than those two things, i have recipes (tried and true) that work for everything i have ever desired to make.
  4. I would say if you have picky eaters for teens dont try to jump right into a lot of baked goods until they have had a few weeks off of gluten products. at first you try gluten free products with the idea of comparing to the gluteny stuff. if you arent thinking about how they compare to the gluteny stuff the gluten free stuff tastes better. its not the same so it wont be comparable but it can taste good still. udi's bread is good. but i prefer to bake gluten free pantry's favorite sandwich bread or italian bread as a loaf. it lasts longer and i like the texture. gluten free pantry also has (in my opinion and my gluten eating husband's opinion) the BEST brownies ever. its a mix and i add an extra egg to make them more cake-like and oh my gosh you teens will be in heaven
  5. http://www.fritolay.com/our-snacks/tostitos.html this website shows all the allergens in the frito lays chips. hope this helps. i eat tostitos on a weekly basis with no issues
  6. everyone has some good creative snacks which proves it isnt boring to be gluten free! My list: 1.) rice chex treats (rice chex, butter, marshmallows) 2.) apples with peanut butter and maple syrup mixed together 3.) craisins 4.) glutino cream sandwich cookies 5.) tomatoes and carrots and ranch 6.) tostitos tortilla chips with taco bell refried beans (kraft brand and no gluten on the label!!!) 7.) udi's muffins heated up slightly 8.) schar crackers and cheese sandwiches 9.) cocoa pebbles treats 10.) ian's frenchbread pizzas (but i havent seen these in the stores in months )
  7. I would move out. I was in a similar situation over the summer. my husband deployed and we lived in a bad area before he left so my parents asked me to move in until he returned. My father is very unclean when he uses the kitchen and he is always eating. I was constantly wiping down counters before preparing food. I also rinsed off every bowl, plate, and utensil I ever used while staying there, because my parents really dont wash their hands before reaching for things. I came home one time and my father was unloading the dishwasher, while eating a piece of toast and he laid every single thing down on the counter (the dirty, gluteny counter). I finally decided, after being glutened twice in the first two weeks, everything I wanted to eat would stay in my own room. also, if you don't have room for everything, leave things in the common kitchen on a separate high shelf before it is opened. once it is opened, take it into your room so no one has the opportunity to reach their hands in. However, in your situation I would simply move out. You are trying to do you a favor and they can't help you out in return. that is selfish and they are adults. No need to be a martyr for our cause. Go find yourself a place and take care of yourself. every glutening means your intestines can sustain damage and in the long run, a lot of glutenings can lead to serious health problems. good luck with your situation
  8. My husband was telling me about something his mom usd to make when he was a kind, mexican cornbread i decided to try it so i used the cornbread recipe from annalise robert's gluten free baking classics. you mkae the cornbread like the directions say, pour half into a 9in pan while making the cornbread, cook ground beef (or in our case turkey) and make it with taco seasonings according to directions. when the meat is done, put the meat, some cheese accroding to taste and whatever veggies you like with tacos onto the first layer or cornbread. then pour in the rest of the cornbread batter on top and bake for the same amount of time recommended for the recipe. it was a huge success and hubby said it was better than his moms used to be. any mexican lovers out there would love this and im sure it would work with any tried and true gluten free cornbread recipe
  9. My older sister and I have both been on a gluten free diet for five years now. we were diagnosed without a definitive town because out GP was not very educated about celiac. he recognized that we had similar symptoms, they fit with celiac, and the gluten free diet did wonders for our health. i am wanting to do a celiac test just to certain because more research leads me to believe that in the unlikely chance that the diagnosis was wrong, there may be another problem laying dormant in me. now my real question here is actually this. my twin sister had never had issues until about three months ago. not going to be too graphic because it is not my body but her symptoms sound mostly gastrointestinal. some constipation, then every few days a lose stool with lots of cramps, bloating, and nausea. then after she uses the bathroom she feels a little bit better. she has also put on about twenty pounds in three months (and has ruled out pregnancy and cut out dairy). since both of us have been gluten free she wonders if she should try it. she doesnt have any insurance. is there an affordable way to test? it could be through a doctor if they wont charge large amounts of money for both consult and test. but probably the better option would be an in home test if there are affordable options... does anyone have any helpful info i can pass along to her? or at least a place to get started? i recommended an enzyme for digestion improvement and a food diary to help in case she does see a dr. any other help is appreciated. thanks in advance everyone!
  10. my husband and i moved to abilene, tx two days ago. i have found one small health food store but i'm wondering if anyone knows of any stores in or even near abilene. within an hour or so would be good if its a pretty sizable place. any help would be appreciated!
  11. everything bob's red mill makes me very sick. so it could be the flours in those mixes? my other suggestion is a food diary and start cutting out the most likely culprits. dairy, soy and oats can be cut out temporarily while the body heals and then re-introduced later. wish you all luck
  12. i have problems with udi's breads. i have eaten all the muffins, cinnamon rolls and granola with no issues. havent tried the bagels. the breads just dont sit well with me. i dont get sick, just some serious stomach pain for about 3-4 hours. a little bit of a gassy feeling without actually passing gas and then it just goes away. i dont think it is a gluten issue. im a sensitive and my reactions are pretty consistent and this reaction is very different. the only thing i can think of is the amount of carbs. in general i dont eat many bread-like products. the muffins are usually one a day and that may be the only carb i eat all day. so two slices of gluten free bread may be just overwhelming when our systems arent used them. thats just a thought, i could be completely wrong here though... just the best idea i've come up with. again, i would feel very confident saying udi's doesnt have any gluten issues. the reaction i face doesnt fit and if you look on their website or call them, they are very educated in keeping from cross contaminating there are other products that i also cant eat even though it has nothing to do with gluten. bob's red mill corn bread mix for example. i love it but it gives me a mild stomach ache every time i eat it hope this helps someone
  13. wow do you think it could have something to do with the things they use when growing frush fruits and veggies? like pesticides or something? that is something i have never heard of. i never would have thought of that
  14. I have a question for those of you with multiple allergies out there.... I work at a health food store and mostly help out new celiacs when i can with learning about the right food choices, reading labels, etc. This customer came in today and said his symptoms include mouth burning, hot/cold chills, skin rash (looks like DH to me) and gastric symptoms such as getting ill after eating, constipation and then loose stools. He said he has been tested for common food allergies and non have thrown any red flags. To me this sounds like a food allergy/sensitivity. My question for those with multiple allergies is have any of you ever had the mouth burning sensation. All the other symptoms match my symptoms and my sister's(who is also celiac) except for the burning sensation. and this just struck me as strange. any input is appreciated as i have no idea about this and even though i will probably not see this customer again, it definitely has me curious
  15. I would first guess that the xanthan gum may need to be cut back... but without reading the recipe i cannot say that for sure. show us the recipe and we'll all be more help!
  16. Betty crocker has some gluten free frostings too. and i have made one that survived a car ride. that one and the gluten free pantry cake mix both travel well. happy bday in advance
  17. I am definitely healthier... not just symptom free which all by itself is wonderful. but I am healthier than i was before. I can also look at a label on pretty much anything in the grocery store and know if it is a good product which has led to not-gluten-free hubby doing the same. we also spend quite a bit of time in the kitchen cooking together which is fun. its also the best ever excuse to not eat something at a party (just kidding about that one... kinda) what else? i've learned a lot about being healthy from starting this diet and it definitely makes you appreciate the small things in ways most don't
  18. Dear Mrs. Parsons, Thank you for your interest in DOLE
  19. My first thought is that i wouldnt let this be a deciding factor of having kids. Celiac is becoming much more widely known... in another few years, i imagine it will be even more prominent in today's society. think of how well you and your boyfriend are doing. why couldn't you raise a family? your kids will be very healthy with or without allergies and intolerances because you are aware of ingredients and are more likely to have healthy food in your kitchen. have children and wait until about 6 mos to a year before you add gluten into the diet (if you should choose to) and then i would go ahead and have all your kids tested when they are around 2 or 3. this is what my husband (we've been married for one year now!!) and i have decided. i am gluten free and he isn't. if our kids are not celiac they will eat gluten free when i cook but will also have regular cereal and crackers and things. if this becomes too difficult and i frequently become contaminated we will look into other options. best of luck to you and your boyfriend!
  20. I always just add the extra egg to my brownie mix because i like mine cakier too. and it works just fine for me so i say go for it. it wont hurt the mix. if it doesnt make them cakey enough maybe we can figure out another adjustment
  21. was there something obviously different on the label? i would be just as suspicious that the bar got contaminated after being toucned by the person who ate the first half and then sittinf insealed for 2 days. that's a lot of time and who know how clean that counter is
  22. I will have to second the mase sunrise cornflakes. mmmm... i also regularly buy rice chex, cocoa pebbles, and sometime the erewhen twice rice cereal as well. those are awesome. if you like hot cereal, bob's red mill has the bext oats in my humble opinion (if you know oats are okay for you and the family)
  23. I have read reviews about Olive Garden's gluten free menu from the gluten free registry website. More than one person stated in their review that tey specifically asked for gluten free pasta since it was offered there, they went over safe practices to ensure that the staff knew ohow to keep it safe from contamination. halfway through the meal the waiter(res) would come back to the table and apologize because they accidentally gave them regular pasta. i won't be eating there anytime soon. i dont trust them. there were revies from three or four different locations. http://glutenfreeregistry.com/registry-comments.do?registryId=978&addressId=17103
  24. May I make snother suggestion?? Valentine's Day will be very busy for nice restaurants... I would choose an odd hour to eat out. like 3:00 in the afternoon. If the staff is rushed they will not be as careful or pay as close attention. I would choose someone with a gluten free menu and that seems to be trusted. either some place you have successfully eaten at before or you have read good reviews from others celiacs. best of luck!!!
  25. maybe a.m.a.z.o.n <.com> ??? you might be able to order a case and have them for a while. i hadnt heard they were being discontinued. how sad! i love that mix
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