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  1. Yes and watch the broth you buy to cook with too.. Many cheaper brands have wheat! Yicks!!!!!!!!!! Feel better!
  2. I can't eat the brats anymore either, they make me sick. I think it is cross contamination from the beer in some of the...
  3. Aroostook

    Bangor Maine Area?

    At the moment am eating left over fried rice from the Jade Palace in Caribou. They too have gluten-free soy sauce. (Though...
  4. Aroostook

    Bangor Maine Area?

    First off, we always go to the Texas Road House. Ask to see the gluten free list. I always have the 6 or 8 oz sirloin...
  5. Aroostook

    Bangor Maine Area?

    I live in Caribou, but am familiar with Bangor as all my doctors are down there! You should get a hold of EMMC or St...
  6. Aroostook

    "99" Restaurant Experience

    Thank you for sharing, we go to Augusta frequently and I am always looking for safe places to eat. I will try the 99...
  7. Sounds to me like Hashimotos thyroiditis. That needs to be treated. What thyroid med are you on. Synthroid if you have...
  8. There is plenty of info. Go to http://www.starbucks.com/retail/nutrition_beverages.asp
  9. I was refused an entire meal at a beautiful Lakeview establishment in St.Agatha Maine! We were attending a retirement...
  10. Aroostook

    So Frustrated With Getting Glutened.

    I've been eating Bob's Red Mill products for some time now and have never had a problem. I would venture a guess you...
  11. Aroostook

    Questions Out Of Curiosity

    I believe that the increase in Celiac is due to the fact that manufacturers are using more products with high gluten...
  12. Aroostook

    Feeling Pissy

    I understand your being pissy, but still I think you need to see the other side of this. Being young she probably has...
  13. Aroostook

    Kingsford Charcoal

    Charcoal is gluten free. It is made from a variety of wood. Sometimes they add stuff like lighter fluid so it starts...
  14. Oh yes I have! The last one was a killer! Even added nausea and blackout to it! Not good, not good at all! But you do...