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    Lili Taylor, Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Tim Burton, Woody Allen, indie films, rock/indie music, drama, poetry, books, goth, anything weird
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I am a celiac teenager although i don't look it, my little disease has made me delayed in puberty so while I am really 15 to ignorant people around me I'm still a kid. I was diagnoised with celiac disease when i was going into sixth grade and i have been miserable since. even though the sharping pain and sickness i used to feel has stopped, i feel left-out when my friends devour pizza at lunch or eat cake at a birthday party. so i learned to deal with it my own way...Johnny Depp and Lili Taylor films. My two heroes that let me know its ok to be different. Their films can escape me out of any situation and can instantly make me feel better. Anyone who knows me knows I am obessed with those too, for Johnny Depp's weird roles touch the place I feel like a freak and Lili's crazy roles help me feel like im not alone. The username IxMissxMysticxPizza comes from Lili's film "Mystic Pizza" where she plays a girl who works at a pizza place. I feel the username suits me for I really do miss pizza.

  1. Haha! I have to see it now!

  2. Of course it is! That one doesn't sound too familiar but I am sure it is worth renting.

  3. Welcom aboard! You are very fortunate to have a diagnosis so young! I suffered illness always, and have only found relief in the last couple of years. Anyway....I'm sure you do sometimes feel left out, and I'm glad you found some heroes to make it a little easier for yourself. Please feel free to contact at any time. I'm here for you.

  4. My fav was when she was on The X-Files but movies: High Fidelity, The Haunting (lol), but really anything she is in is a treat!

  5. Sorry, I haven't used the comment section in years! I like Lili Taylor, too.