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  1. waitingdorothea

    Steak And Shake?

    Thank you! I will put Steak and Shake on our list...I'll report back if we end up trying it!
  2. waitingdorothea

    Steak And Shake?

    Can anyone provide any thoughts on whether Steak and Shake's gluten free menu is something that is a wise choice? ...
  3. waitingdorothea

    Traveling With Allergies

    My husband and I used the cards from this site when we traveled to Italy. They have A LOT of languages, and they're...
  4. My husband and I are in the beginning stages of planning a trip to Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and perhaps Luxembourg...
  5. waitingdorothea

    Gluten Free Dining In Chicago

    You're in GREAT shape - lots of options. Pizza - best pizza in the area is Marcello's Father and Sons. I've eaten...
  6. I purchased chia seeds from Bob's Red Mill, not noticing that these are not labeled gluten free and are not made in Bob...
  7. My husband and I are traveling to Lexington, KY for a weekend getaway in a week and a half. Can anyone recommend any...
  8. waitingdorothea

    Help Dealing With Eating Outside The Home

    I was looking through the rest of the site, and there is a huge post about chain restaurants called "what chains serve...
  9. waitingdorothea

    Help Dealing With Eating Outside The Home

    I just got back from Disney, and had a great experience. Honestly, Disney does gluten free so well that it makes me...
  10. waitingdorothea

    Travel To New Haven, Ct Area

    Katie, Thanks very much for your help. I have had an excellent week here in New Haven. I had good luck with Claire...
  11. I will be traveling to August, GA in mid-March for business; I would appreciate restaurant recommendations. Thank...
  12. I will be taking a half pleasure, half business trip to Orlando (pleasure, including Walt Disney World, but not staying...
  13. I am headed to North Haven in two weeks for business, which is apparently very close to New Haven. Does anyone have...
  14. I am traveling to North Haven, CT for work in two weeks. I would appreciate any suggestions for gluten-free friendly...
  15. waitingdorothea

    Restaurants In Boulder, Co

    I ended up going back to Boulder this week, and made it to Turley's and Laudisio. Laudisio was frankly amazing - I had...