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  1. no-more-muffins

    More About Candida

    Does taking an antifungal make the die-off worse? I am bracing myself for some bad days ahead. I am not totally eliminating...
  2. no-more-muffins

    More About Candida

    I see that there are several people here who have experience with candida. I think I have it. I don't have celiac and...
  3. no-more-muffins

    Help With Food Tests Please!

    Some people have used www.enterolab.com to test for sensitivities to gluten, dairy, eggs, yeast and soy. I am working...
  4. no-more-muffins

    Severe Diarrhea Cant Stop It.

    There is a medication they give to people with microscopic colitis to help them control their diarrhea. It's called...
  5. no-more-muffins

    New To Diet Need Advice

    Have you done any research on Microscopic Colitis? Some doctors don't even check for it. Its main symptom is diarrhea...
  6. no-more-muffins

    Morning Fatigue And Fog How Do You Cope?

    I don't know much about the protein thing first thing in the morning but I do have to say that I am definitely one who...
  7. no-more-muffins


    Wow, it sounds like things have been really rough for you! I don't have too many answers but I did think that perhaps...
  8. no-more-muffins


    Googles, I know that we can all empathize with you. It is so hard to see food that you love and you know you can't have...
  9. no-more-muffins


    I had really bad anxiety before I stopped eating gluten. I developed it when I started seeing other symptoms. It has...
  10. no-more-muffins

    Wild Dreams

    I dream about that too. It is sad that we can't even enjoy gluteny foods in our dreams.
  11. Sometimes trying a gluten-free diet is the only way to really know. All my tests were negative including sensitive stool...
  12. no-more-muffins

    Newly Diagnosed

    Yep, it sounds like you are having some withdrawl symptoms. I went through a similar thing. I was SO tired, anxious...
  13. no-more-muffins

    Soy/gluten Intolerant People, I Have A Question

    My soy reaction involved massive bloating, diarrhea and cramps so bad I thought I was having a baby. It doesn't last...
  14. no-more-muffins

    Symptom Differences Gi Vs. celiac disease

    I think that 1. Actual intestinal damage can often be missed by doctors if it is not obvious enough and 2. Just because...
  15. I was just reading through this old thread and I thought I'd resurrect it because it might be helpful for some of our...