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  1. I actually don't have one on hand to look at (the label) I remember trying them last year thinking they were ok, but then started having stomach issues. I have since discovered that my stomach issues were related to something else and wanted to try them again. You mentioned buying them yourself? Do you use another brand? Thanks again. T
  2. Does anyone know if Hersheys or Smuckers Caramel Dessert Toppings are Gluten Free? I emailed Smuckers and never heard back and haven't found either of them listed in my shopping guide......I thought I would try here! Thanks!
  3. Wow......I'm amazed at all the posts! I also have scoliosis and Celiacs. I had a spinal fusion done in 1990 after high school. (Lumbar curve of 53 degrees reduced to 8) Never experienced back problems after that. I think pregnancy set off my Celiac 6 years ago because I never ever ever ever ever ever had stomach issues before that. I really thought there may be some connection also, but was also thinking about all the titanium hardware in my back........still don't know and I have a lot of other crazy undiagnosed symptoms......also a history of connective tissue disorders in the family
  4. Thanks again everyone! I'm now trying to figure out my red flushed face. It comes and goes and now has happened after the "lasagna" incident. But here it is 5 days later and eating (not every meal ) will bring out a red flushed burning face and lips........of course like an allergic reaction? Can't link it to dairy cause I skipped that today, too......help!!!
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