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  1. miloandotis

    Day Five Of The Master Cleanse

    I am on my fifth day without food and I feel really good. Weird, I know. I made a huge mistake and booked a dental appointment yesterday
  2. I had a heck of a time getting prepared for my bloodwork. I had daily issues that kept me running back to the washroom all day and half the night. Fortunately, I
  3. miloandotis

    Awaiting New Bloodwork

    I went to see my GP yesterday. He has ordered the anti tissue transglutaminase. He said I need to restart eating gluten, though I have been off it for a week. He didn't have a clue for how long. I called the lab and they did not know either. So last night, in the name of gluten loading, I had three beers...and agadashi tofu with my usual sushi. This morning I had bran buds and a sandwich at lunch. Now I think I may just die! My stomach is cramping worse then a charliehorse in an olympic speed trial. I feel like I should stick a pin into my stomach and deflate myself. My coworker just kindly mentioned that I look bloated. Nice. Ughhhh. I want to not eat the gluten...I was feeling crappy...but way better then this.
  4. My doctor ordered the test for me, but he does not know for how long I need to go back on to a gluten diet. I have been off for just over a week. Does anyone know how long I need to eat gluten before I go in to get tested?
  5. miloandotis

    Starbucks Vanilla Bean Frapacchino

    I tried to get the barista to rinse the spoon today before removing foam from my soy latte and it was as if I asked for all the money in the til. It kind of upsets me, as they have running water literally right beside the espresso machine, so it would have just taken a second or two....in the end she didn't do it. I'm trying to maintain some form of normalcy since getting my results six days ago and starbucks was supposed to be one of those things I could maintain. Oh well...guess I'll be saving five bucks a day.
  6. miloandotis

    Day Six

  7. miloandotis

    Day Four

    I'm itchy. Everywhere. Going nuts. I have a big party tonight at my boss's home, with a lot of special foods. I have not decided if I will eat or not. I still have not figured out a drink option. Did I mention I'm itchy?
  8. miloandotis

    Afternoon Day Three

  9. miloandotis

    Any Celiac(s) From Canada

    I'm having a great difficulty figuring out sushi. I know soy sauce is out, but is miso soup and wasabi? Also, is there anything added to the rice that I need to avoid? Any other Canadians know these answers? Honestly....I can give up the beer....but really...sushi is just too much to ask! lol
  10. miloandotis

    Up To Day Three

    Oh My
  11. miloandotis

    New Celiac - Help!

    HI, I'm brand new too. I'm wondering if you have other food allergies as well. I know that is my problem. I'm on day three of my new diet. Rice cakes with peanut butter and banana is already getting boring...UGHHHHH Hang in there...it looks like we found some support here.
  12. miloandotis

    Any Celiac(s) From Canada

    opps double post...this forum and I are not getting along yet...sorry
  13. miloandotis

    Any Celiac(s) From Canada

    HI, I'm from Vancouver Canada, and joined this site today. I got my world turned upsidedown just three days ago. I'm also blessed with a severe, severe dairy allergy, eggs, and sunflower seeds, just to name the most severe. In the past three days I've come to understand that my carefree eating will now be very, very changed. Thank god I can have coffee still!!!!!! I too will have a bunch of questions that will probably be repeats...like...I'm already confused...cornstarch is out as well? hmmm...is there a list of foods to avoid on here somwhere? I think I'm very lucky. I live in a large city, so access to special diet items may be easier....and I work in a clinic with many fabulous professionals with great advice and experience with this. I guess life could be worse. lol Anyone know how long it takes to start feeling relief from symptoms?
  14. miloandotis

    Brand New Here

    Hi, I just found out about my allergy bloodwork results on Tuesday. Along with needing to start a complete gluten free diet, I must also remove any trace of dairy, eggs and sunflower oil. I guess you all know what I mean when I say "UGHHH". Of everything, I think beer will be my hardest. For the past three days I have removed everything on my severe allergy list. I found a gluten free beer, but it made me sick. It says it's made with rice malt and buckwheat malt. Can I assume that if it says any type of malt that it is out? About me: I'm a 35 year old nurse living in Vancouver Canada. I've been plague with health concerns despite living a healthy lifestyle. I live with chronic "intractable" migraines along with a bunch of other things. I'm dedicated to eliminating what I need to eliminate...but am smart enough to know I'll need support. I was very happy to find this site. I'll read arong and then start asking questions. Plaese forgive me if I repeat too many things.