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  1. I have two sisters recently diagnosed with Celiacs. I have some poss. mild symptoms, Irritability, fogginess, inability to lose weight, very irregular cycles, anxiety and panic attacks. Is it harmful for me to attempt a gluten-free diet even if I may not have Celiacs?
  2. Has anyone thought that the gluten could attribute to having anxiety? For various reasons I've gone back on gluten, since they're telling me its all IBS, acid reflux/heart burn and stress related. I'm now having bouts of attacks of anxiety and its really starting to concern me. Pondering going gluten-free not to mention the diarrhea's back and abdominal discomfort. Ahh the wonders of it all!
  3. Yes this was all I was tested for. I went off gluten for about a week or so approximately before visiting my GI. Suddenly allmy digestive issues halted, and were gone! (Thankfully) Unfortunately, I realized that if I was to talk my GI into testing me for Celiac, I would hav eto go back on gluten. I did for about a week before they did the blood test. (Which could be the negative results). I was informed befor eleaving the doctors office that I need not worry and call them for my results, as they would be on top of this an eagerly contacting me. (HA!) I had to call, and call, and finally got a hold of a nurse who informed me that they were negative. That was it, no follow-up appt. to see why i was loosing weight, having horrible abdominal pain and diarrhea, mad dashes to the bathroom and literally shaking out of panic of not making it! They half-hearteldy mentioned IBS when they were seeing me initally as a possible cause, that and UC, and Chrons. Needless to say I went back to gluten-free diet as my symptoms passed. It is only in this few weeks that I've had a gluten accident. I went back to my strict gluten-free diet and the symptoms subsided slightly, flaired up viciously last week and have had abomdinal pain all through the week. Even some what heartburn feelings too. so I am now questinoing if it is a gluten intolerance or just plain IBS brought on by stress. (a family member recently diagnosed with cancer). I am debating going back to the GI as anxiety is taking over all my outings again, in fear I could have a nother "upset" and urgently need a bathroom. I mean, how frustrating is it to go somewhere and be counting the bathrooms along the way! I know you all can relate.. but I am so lost as to wha tI should or should not eat, if I have IBS, celiac disease, or goodness knows what.. I suppose its time to swallow my pride and see the GI again. Ahh this is what I get for being a stubborn woman! Thanks for your replies and your support. If you think of any other possibilities that'd be great, or any suggestions on starting perhaps an elimination diet!
  4. So after fighting with my doctors office, I finally got copies of my test results back. Good news is it does look legitimate I don't have Celiac Disease based on these findings. Maybe just a gluten intolerance? I don't know! I've been having a heck of a week digestively as it is, thinking I've snuck something in my diet my body isn't loving.. or maybe its just IBS, but I do feel frustrated.. Any thoughts.. . IGA 150.00 mg/dl (units) Transglutam IGA 5 AU Sed Rate RBC 3 mm/h C-Reactivev Prot < 0.1 mg/dl Hmm.. what can I eat, is now what I wonder.. Thanks for your thoughts!
  5. They're a brand of boxed frozen hamburgers. I'm unable to find ingredients listed on the boxes or anything on their website.
  6. Does anyone know if Bubba Burgers are on the gluten-free safety list? Thanks for the info!
  7. So my fiance's co-worker invited us over for dinner. No description of what dinner was, just to bring beer. (of course a significant indication that it wasn't wheat free) In this scenario where my fiance may not be entirely comfortable expressing to anyone or everyone who invites us to dinner that I have a wheat intolerance. What do you do with this situation when you arrive and they're having hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill outside and beer? Politely decline all food? Eat before? How does your significant other inquire or even convey this information to those that may invite us out again the future? Thanks for any input... greatly appreciated. I don't want him to be put in an awkward situation, but I'd rather not suffer the anxiety prior to each outing with friends.
  8. I'm curious to find if anyone else has heard of these type of "test results" when having their children tested for food allergies or intolerances. My niece whom is 10 has suffered from as her mother puts it a very bloated stomach, some constipation, and in general is overweight for her age. (To the unfortunate point of teasing now, mainly due to extra weight in the midsection). She has finally found a doctor who noted that her daugther may have some intolerance to various types of food, and has tested her for the following, soy, milk, casein, wheat, gluten, egg whites, egg yolks, whey etc. The test results my sister reported were given either a Negative or a number 1 through 4. The higher the digit the more intollerant/allergic she was to this particular item. Th eonly thing she tested negative for was casein. The highest result was a 3 for Milk. The rest were 1-2 for results. Has anyone heard or had these type of results in this form of testing? I am completely unfirmilar with this, and would just like to hear those who have had similar experiences. Should my sister remove all of these items she tested at any level too? Or just items 3-4 which are considered things she should NOT eat per her "organic guru doctor" (as she has labeled him.) Thanks for anyone who can provide any input. My sister recently was told by her doctor to stay away from wheat herself as to provide assistance to migraine relief. I am pondering if all three of us have this genetic gene of gluten-intolerance. (Although my nieces gluten result was only a 2) Thanks again, really anxious to hear your opinions! I will be thrilled at anything that can help my niece trim her midsection and feel like the rest of her friends!
  9. You might be a Celiac if... You have anxiety attacks when dinner party invitations are extended. Only have to give your spouse "the look" and they know its a marathon dash to find the closest restroom. You've taken account for every public rest stop on each commuting route to and from work. Given up hopes of enjoying a real meal outside of your home. Uttered every known curse word after realizing you've ingested gluten. This has been terribly amusing. My fiance thought they were hilarous!
  10. I don't officially paricipate in Weight Watchers, although I think it is a WONDERFUL program, just going the cheaper route of on my own. I just wanted to post and say congratulations to all of you women who are working so diligently at your weight loss! And being gluten-free at the same time is not easy I know! Way to go on your progress. Current 144lbs Goal 125lbs (really I'm a shorty!) Congrats again! Keep it up! You guys are a great inspiration and motivator for me to stick to my better habits.
  11. I can relate to how you feel completely. Once my glutened symptoms come on, my appetite is completely diminished if I have any at all. I build the courage to eat some rice, steamed veggies things along those lines. There is a brand of soy sauce (for the life of me I can not remember the name) that I have found in every grocery store I've shopped in (Giant, Kroger, Food Lion, Meijer) and its a blue label. I've found no wheat ingredients and this brand also makes a wonderful teriyaki sauce. I'll post the name of it when I have a chance to spot it at home tonight. If you enjoy rice, another cooking concept is I will cook it then, toss it in a frying pain with a bit of butter spray or oil and some garlic salt and cook it up nicely almsot so its a bit crunchy! Great for something different and fairly mild to the stomach. Good luck.. and as I learned just obsessively read those package labels!!
  12. Boy can I relate. In fact I find these posts so comforting to know I was not alone. I hadn't read much when I first looked into celiac disease about being short of breath and was panicked something else was wrong with me! In the beginnings of my gluten-intolerant symptoms, I was so fatigued and short of breath walking up a short flight of stairs it was insane. My fiance was terribly worried, I couldn't make it through half a shopping trip at Sams Club without feeling completely wiped out. He'd take one look at me, recognize that dazed look on my face and say "We need to go don't we?" Anyhow, I am happy to report being gluten-free has resolved that. Not right away, bt with time it has. In fact I have a lot of energy back and am trying to exercise regularly. Even running. (Its just a matter of getting back in the habit, not because I can't.) I do struggle with the normal getting back into shape woes and building my lung capacity. So take great comfort knowing you're not alone, and that it does improve. But as a safety precaution I'd have those other lovely medical issues looked into such as you stated your thyroid etc. Better safe than sorry. Because there are other health issues that cause these symptoms. Fortunately I've had everything tested and ruled out int he process of trying to find a cause of digestive issues. Good luck on resolving your issues and hopefully you'll feel like your old self soon!
  13. What specifically is the SCD Diet?
  14. Fonda, I've found hat the protein does seem to add that extra little bit I needed apparently. Hopefully I'll keep losing weight in addition to this! Good luck with yours as I know that ache hunger pain is not pleasant!
  15. I've found too that I've lost weight since being strictly gluten-free. I do replace a few breads/carbs with gluten-free items but not frequently. Simply because I don't find that I have a lot of time to do this. I recently read something about eating in the volumetrics life style. By weight of items and volume, not content. As it is styled by the concept that regardless of what we eat humans are in the habit of eating the same volume sizes of food on a regular basis. Well, whether or not that holds a lot of water, I decided it was time to incorporate more vegetables in my diet and fruit. For those of you gaining weight, it may just be a spin off of your body trying to balance this new lifestlye of eating. My only suggestion is looking at what new foods you are substituting that are gluten-free, are they higher in fat or calories? I found initally that I was doing that myself. I wish you all luck as I can relate to the frustration of weight gain and attempting to keep it off. I'd give subsituting other foods with more veggies and fruits and see how that does you for a couple of weeks. Can't hurt! Best of luck to all..and feel free to look here for support. There are alot of us in the same boat it seems!
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