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  1. My father and uncle have had these removed.They have no bowel issues, but this was just a routine colonoscopy as one reaches a certain age. The only indication I've understood, is that these polyps, require one to have a yearly colonoscopy to check for additional ones and monitor the situation. To keep on the top of possibly developing more complicated issues later (i.e. cancer). Its like women and their yearly mammogram. Granted your husband's issue may be slightly different as I assume he has celiac disease. I would guess they'd remove any of the polyps found etc and keep an eye on
  2. Sarah, One of my symptoms was Nausea also. I am sure it can be considered one on the list of Celiac. It seems as though children are affected by this disease by getting sick to there stomach. My symptoms would progress, by beginning with Nausea. Any morning I woke up feeling nauseated I knew I ws going to have a bad day. I'd be in the bathroom with diarrhea, and have abdominal pain all day. It was the jumping point to all my other symptoms. Now I'm not officialy doctor diagnosed but since being gluten free after day # 3 I feel 100% better! Good luck and I hope going glu
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