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  1. So does it mean I'm as "good" as I can be? Can I improve? What about the 0.2? Why is it not 0.0? Does that mean I'm getting hidden gluten somewhere? I'm not having any symptoms but my original symptoms were mostly what I call "underground" as in anemia, chronic diarrhea, depression, & some nutrient deficiencies. Thanks again.
  2. My lab slip says "Celiac Disease Profile, IgA total 148 Units mg/dL Ref Range 66-436 under that; "Anti TTG IgA Antibodies 0.2 Unit/mL Ref: 0.0-7.0 My doctor just had the nurse call and say "it's negative" with no further explanation. Thanks for your help, I appreciate it.
  3. I would like to ask a similar question; I have followed a strict gluten free diet 2 years in June. My IgA total is 148, range being 66-436 mg/dl. My Anti IgA Antibodies came in at 0.2; ref. range being 0.0-7.0. My question is--shouldn't my antibodies register as zero if I were doing really well with my diet? and...is 148 for my IgA Total a good thing or not so good? Thank you all for your help!
  4. My trigger was severe emotional distress...I think the common denominator is, it is kind of like the "last straw" scenario...any kind of stress, whether it be from running (another one of mine), emotional, physical, whatever, it's as if the body gets to the point where, "ok, this is the last straw, I cannot hold this gluten thing off anymore.." and "thar she blows...!" I believe mine may have actually "started" after the birth of my last child (physical stress) and I just did not figure it out until the emotional distress episode hit and there was no mistaking what I was dealing with.
  5. amoliphant

    Hair Loss Post Gluten Free?

    Please, I've just spent the last day and a half crying over the uncontrollability of this....I have lost probably 50% of my hair....I've been gluten free since June and honestly, can someone tell me this is going to stop, that my hair will actually grow back? Is there hope? I'm in the process of having thyroid and hormones checked...I have not changed my hair color...could it be the salon? What kind of hair color (dark blonde/lt. brown base with blonde highlights) can I use? I need the perm. color for the base to cover gray...I feel so pressured and stressed trying to come up with a solution before I have nothing left. I have always had tons of hair...the depression and sadness is just about unbearable and beginning to affect other areas of my life to where I don't want to go out at all. Please, if you find any answers or can offer any hope... (I've been off gluten since June of this year, it's an all over thinning with emphasis on the front hairline...)
  6. amoliphant

    New Resource...

    Our local gluten free support group leader informed us of a new resource site...zeer.com; although I have not yet spent a lot of time there, it looks like it may be very helpful...
  7. amoliphant

    Gluten In Frozen Fruit?

    I would more suspect the cereal....maybe call them and see if it is processed/packaged on a dedicated line. I ran into problems with Arrowhead Mills Maple Buckwheat Cereal...so much so that I am leery of all packaged cereals now. Maybe my cereal was actually gluten free as it stated on the package and I had a reaction to buckwheat, I don't know, but in your case I would suspect the cereal way ahead of the frozen fruit...
  8. amoliphant

    Breakfast Ideas

    I always do a fruit smoothie in the Vitamix every morning...organic blueberry juice, black cherry or plain rice milk, add various organic frozen fruits and I throw in a couple of tablespoons of either ground flaxseed or chia seeds for fiber....sometimes I mix in my FloraVital liquid iron supplement (trying to get the red blood cells up!) ...this is really good and keeps you going all morning. I am glad you posted this thread though because when the weather turns cooler, which will be a long time from now (Texas...) ice cold smoothies are just not as not appealing!
  9. amoliphant

    Does Your Dh Ever Look Like Poison Ivy?

    Yes! Mine does; my hands are the only place I get it-first I notice my hand or sometimes both hands, especially fingers, getting red and hot then the little water blisters appear, just like poison ivy and they itch just like it too....my knuckle/s, the actual joint/s also sometimes swell. Glad you posted, I thought I was the only one with poison ivy-like dh...
  10. amoliphant

    What Are Your "glutened" Symptoms?

    I've never heard this expressed by anyone else but when I get glutened this old, slow, familiar feeling starts to come over me as if my blood pressure is dropping quickly, followed by nausea and sometimes breaking out in a sweat. My eyes feel "squinty" and I feel slightly feverish and achy with a tremendous head-in-a-vice-grip headache. The diarrhea comes later. When that old, familiar like the blood is actually starting to drain from my head downward and the weakness and I might faint feeling comes on, I know I've been glutened. If we are riding in a car the symptoms are magnified like you wouldn't believe. It can be SO humiliating and has happened too many times to count. My husband has to pull over, like immediately (!), I am sweating profusely, head between the knees, weak and shaking all over. Afterward, I am completely wiped out physically for 2-3 days.
  11. amoliphant

    Iron Deficiency

    Please consider Floradix, you will want to get the version called FloraVital. FloraVital is an herbal iron supplement/blood builder. FloraVital is gluten free and non-constipating. It comes in liquid and is sold in most health food stores or online. Just be sure and get the right version because the bottles look very similar and are right next to each other on shelves.
  12. In addition to all the other suggestions, I think working up a good sweat is tremendously helpful; even though I may not feel like starting out on a run, I feel better mentally and physically if I force myself. You may want to stay close to home because in my experience, especially after being glutened, emergency bathroom needs arise...I look at this as helping to get even more toxins out and more quickly than if I hadn't run. Another plan of action is a sauna and sweating toxins out that way...most gyms have saunas now so it's a pretty viable option. I also shower immediately after to get any toxins off my skin using a body brush to scrub. The thing to remember is, you definitely won't feel like working out but once you get going and especially afterward, you'll feel much better.
  13. "Annie's Organic Honey Mustard" is really good too...it's runny enough to use as a dip and is good used to make a salad dressing with a little olive oil and apple cider vinegar; also great on "roll-ups", sliced turkey, chicken (lunchmeat variety), spinach, etc. Small enough to carry in your bag too for lunches out, etc.