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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Hello, I am newly diagnosed with Celiac. I was diagnosed in the beginning of the summer and I was craving the big mac (probably because I couldn't have it), well anyway I ordered it with out the bun in several different places and it was really good. Alot of the Mcdonalds employees don't understand the no bun thing and it can get frustrating but they do try to accommodate me. Well I had gone to the McDonalds in Cinnaminson NJ and ordered the big mac with no bun and they had never done it before either. Well they asked and questioned a little bit but did not give me a problem and they made it in a saled bowl. It was really good!! What they did was alot of lettuce,lots of pickles, the cheese, special sauce onions and the patties. They did an amazing job and they did not give me an attitude! My mom was with me and she is writing Mcdonalds suggesting that they should make a big mac salad for Celiacs. So if you ever feel like a big mac it's really good, and you can suggest them to ask for it like a salad and hopefully soon it will be a salad!!
  3. Hey! Thank you everybody!!! I will keep my eyes out and I think I will try to make the frosting myself! "wildwood" I am taking it you live in Wildwood NJ? So all the stores around you sell it. I am in wildwood every other weekend because we have a shore house down there. Yes I do go to the big apple! I usually go about 3 times a year! I would have to out the bakery. Thank you everybody for all your help. I will update you guys on how it goes. Thanks and thanks for the birthday wish! Kim
  4. Hello Guys, I am new to Celiac. I was diagnosed in June. I am doing much better being Gluten free! I am 20 years old going on 21 in less than a month! I am looking forward to my birthday, but not to excited because I would like to have cake like every other year. Does anybody have suggestions of cake, should I buy a store bought mix or does anybody know of any gluten free bakery's in NJ? I have heard about the Betty Crocker Cake mix but I can not fine them in a store near me. Does anybody have any suggestions!? Also What should I do about the Icing? I don't think the Icing is gluten free. Well if anybody could help that would be great. Thanks!! Kim
  5. Hello, My name is Kim. I know you had posted this post quite a while ago, I don't know if you found anybody from New Jersey or not Gluten Free. I know it is a bit of a small distance but I am from Burlington County area. I am also gluten free, and looking for some gluten free friends. Well I hope to talk to you soon. Kim
  6. Hi! I am new to the gluten-free life and new to this board and looking for anyone from New Jersey like Burlington County, or even Bristol Pennsylvania area. particularly to chat with, share recipes and learn/discuss anything gluten-free related, and to just to have a friend around me who is gluten free as well! I was diagnosed gluten free about 4 weeks ago. Well I think this Meeting Room is pretty cool, and I hope to find someone local soon. Thanks! Kim
  7. Hi guys! Thank you! That sounds good. I will try those ideas! I think I will get the sandwhich bread mix too, and the tortilla's! Thanks! will let you guys know how it taste! I know this is very tricky, and it is basically everything is pretty much experimental I have learned. Also being living at home still it is very hard that the whole house is like gluten gluten gluten, and here I have to be gluten free. I have found great cereals, and pasta, and things like that, but that is about it. Well I am going to go now. Talk to you gusy soon, once again thanks for everything! Kim
  8. Hi I have just been diagnosed with celiac disease. I am 20 years old, and I am trying different foods, and trying to cope with this. My hardest food to find is bread. I am already a picky eater as it is, and I like just normal white bread. Well now I can't have bread at all. I have tried the brown rice bread and tapiocca bread, I didn't really care for either of them. They are both thick, and have a spongy feeling to them, and I am on medicine that makes my mouth dry, so its even harder trying to eat this bread. Does anybody know of any kind of bread that just taste like white bread, and isn't real thick and spongy?? I keep seeing the bread that you can make yourself, does anybody know is that worth trying? Well if anybody has any suggestions please let me know! Thanks!! Kim
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