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  1. Maybe just try a food alimination diet and then you can see when you add food to your diet all the foods you react to?
  2. Are you allergic to latex by any chance? I ask because all the fruit and vegetables you are allergic are cross over food allergies with latex. I am also allergic to latex and I'm allergic to avacado, banana, tomato, pepper, potato and a...
  3. shendler

    Dry Scalp

    I showed my wife my scalp and she says it is psorasis so I made an appointment with the dermatologist.
  4. shendler

    Dry Scalp

    I went off being gluten free when I had blood sugar issue. It wasn't for long but I wanted to make sure it wasn't just hi blood sugar. Now that I'm gluten free it is getting better. I think I have DH on my feet and arms. Is it a rash that...
  5. I recently found out I have high blood sugar so I stopped being gluten free for a while because I thought maybe it was just high blood sugar. Anyway it turns out I do have celiac and high blood sugar but eating gluten has given me an extremely...
  6. shendler


    If you didn't have gluten by accident could it be another food problem? I get a very upset stomach with dairy or corn.
  7. I am not eating gluten. I prepare all my food in a gluten free kitchen. Plus when I do eat gluten I can tell within 30 minutes based on how tired I get. I've been to the doctor but there is nothing in my blood that indicates a problem. I...
  8. Hey! I'm moving there next year and would love to know your experience thee. Where do you stay there? How easy is it for you to get food? How's the labeling there. I would love to email you and ask you more questions if that is ok with you...
  9. Hey So for as long as I can remember vie also had very bad night sweats. I dont have this problem during the day just at night. It isn't the temperature in the room that is causing the problem nor is it from wearing hot clothes. It...
  10. I took the prevpac. I did have some unpleasant side effects, but it wasn't too bad since I took it for two weeks. Good luck!
  11. Could you have raynauds? http://www.medicinenet.com/raynauds_phenomenon/article.htm I was diagnosed with having it in my hands/arms/legs/feet recently.
  12. I'd suggest keeping a food log and how you feel after. Like, for me, eating corn makes me feel almost the same way I feel when I eat gluten. See if you notice trends with certain foods. Also if you feel sick after a certain meal double check...
  13. shendler

    Celiac And Back Pain?

    I would go to the doctor. Although it may be something as simple as your bed it could also be something else that needs to be addressed. Good luck!
  14. shendler

    It's Official...

    It does feel great to get to the bottom of our problems
  15. shendler

    Do You Get A Flu Shot?

    I never got the flu shot. In previous years when flu season came around I felt sick all the time that it wouldn't have mattered if it was the flu or being sick from having celiac. I don't plan on getting the flu shot this year.