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  1. They ARE the brand name Jelly Belly. I thinking that Kirkland gets them in huge bulk, then repackages them. I'm leaning...
  2. I'm sorry for all you're going through. I had (a few, still have) many of the same symptoms. Going gluten free was a...
  3. Jelly Bellies are a yummy treat for me, and I know that they are 100% gluten free. Costco sells a 4 lb. tub of them....
  4. koolkat222

    Stress !@#$ And Celiac Disease

    I thought that, for many celiacs, this was the case. I heard an explanation that said we had some sort of predisposion...
  5. I totally sympathize with you! I'm so careful about what I eat, yet it seems my stomach is never normal! I rarely eat...
  6. koolkat222

    Red Robin Treated Me Like A Princess.

    Wow, that is so great to hear! Since going gluten-free, I've been a bit leery about Red Robin because of all of the gluten...
  7. I wouldn't eat gluten again just to get an "official" diagnosis. To me, it's just not worth it. I know that even a tiny...
  8. You are feeling better, and that's the important thing! Unless there is some reason for an "official" diagnosis, I...
  9. koolkat222

    Celiac And Egg Allergy

    Same here! I get a bad tummyache with plain eggs of any kind. I'm fine if they are an ingredient in something though...
  10. koolkat222


    Stick to the gluten-free diet (no cheating at all) and you should start feeling better very soon. I lost weight very...
  11. I would say it's definitely possible. I've gotten glutened after kissing my husband after he ate cereal. Better safe...
  12. You should definitely try going gluten-free. You just might the answer to your problems, and there's nothing to lose...
  13. koolkat222

    Going To Disneyland In March--Where Do We Eat?

    I didn't realize Disneyland had so many gluten free options available. I was at Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney with...
  14. koolkat222

    Trusting Other People's gluten-free Cooking

    I'm in the same boat as kareng. I don't know anyone else who is gluten-free. It would make things easier, and it would...
  15. koolkat222

    Las Vegas Experience

    Thanks for the dining info. I'm super sensitive, so I don't experiment much. This will help because I do make the occasional...