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    I like to sculpt, draw and paint. My other intrests are horses, horses, and I also love horses a whole bunch too. :D

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:blink::blink::blink: I have nothing to say...
  1. Hi!, I'm 13 and in August I will be gluten-free for A WHOLE ENTIRE YEAR (wow) lol I am bein' glutend right now... I look like I should be looking at pacifires and maternity shirts...
  2. Oregon Battle Of the Books (OBOB) is on the way!!!!

  3. Yay! I have made my first comment! Yaaaay me!

  4. Hello everybody! Christmas is almost here! YAY!!! Merry Christmas and also have a Happy New Year!
  5. G-freegal12


    I used to be allergic to cats....
  6. G-freegal12


    I have no pictures becauce.....monkeys ate them!!! Yeah...monkeys... Nov. 14 09 I am back! I have been at school during this whole time that I have been gone. Blech