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    I like to sculpt, draw and paint. My other intrests are horses, horses, and I also love horses a whole bunch too. :D
  1. My rabbit just chewed through my dsi recharger, I got glutened at elmers and my sister is being sooooooooooooo annoying....
  2. I am a teen myself, and at first when driving around with my mom, looking at all the fast food places that I knew I would probably never set foot in again was super depressing. Now almost a year later it is a lot better. But sometimes, at...
  3. I am extreamly sensetive to gluten. I cannot find any decent tortilla's!! (Or how to spell tortilla!!!!)All the good kind have celiac disease.
  4. I am extreamly sensetive to gluten. I cannot find any decent tortilla's!! (Or how to spell tortilla!!!!) Help?
  5. Hi!, I'm 13 and in August I will be gluten-free for A WHOLE ENTIRE YEAR (wow) lol I am bein' glutend right now... I look like I should be looking at pacifires and maternity shirts...
  6. I'm not quite sure, but I think that when added to blood, Splenda turns into a fermaldihide-like chemical...
  7. Amy's has CC!!! Watch out!
  8. Ugh...their beef jerky that says it's gluten-free is absulutely NOT gluten free
  9. I candled the egg on Day 3-5ish it was dead.
  10. There is these 3 ducks that come around every year, and one duck layed 1 egg in the middle of my lawn! I have it in a tupperware with one of those little heat packets that you shake and it warms up for about 8 hrs. I have been keeping it...
  11. Thank You! I found a breeder, so I know where to get one. I'm going to start collecting the items through July becauce I'll have more time for it then. I have mountains of homework right now...
  12. I went to a Cold Stone and was informed that most of their ice cream was gluteny....
  13. G-freegal12

    Carls Jr

    I personally would NOT trust them . Some people can get so healed that gluten doesnt hurt for a looong time . Plus, it will be cross contaminated one time or another even if you tell them you CANNOT have gluten ...they are so terrible...
  14. G-freegal12

    Birthday Cake!

    Surprisingly, the butter extract can be found at a Jo-Anns in the Wiltons department.