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  1. Erin Elberson

    Motivated By Competition

    LOL! Thank you! And YAY for weight training! Noura-it's definitely an individual thing with the vinegar-for some...
  2. Erin Elberson

    Motivated By Competition

    Hey Noura! Thanks-yup, that's me. I train with weights 4x/week for about 45 minutes, and cardio for intervals 3-4x...
  3. Erin Elberson

    Kettle Cuisine Soups

    I have had both the chicken and beef chilis and thought they were awesome-very flavorful.
  4. Erin Elberson

    Whey Protein Shake

    Have you tried the gemma protein powder? It's pea protein, and is a bit thicker (quite a bit) in consistency than the...
  5. Try to head toward naturally gluten free snacks-fruit, nuts, veggies, string cheese if you can do dairy. Food that is...
  6. Erin Elberson

    Whey Protein Shake

    This. Call or email the manufacturer, inquire about the gluten free status and ask if they could send a sample. Many...
  7. Erin Elberson

    Protien Shakes?

    Jillian is spot on. Chocolate milk works as well if you can keep it cold, protein powder is convenient and temperature...
  8. Erin Elberson

    Peptide Bonded Glutamine

    L-glutamine is a gluten free ingredient. Glutamine peptides can be, and usually are, sourced from wheat. And yes, they...
  9. Erin Elberson

    Motivated By Competition

    So awesome that you guys are doing this. Social support and accountability is a huge part of success! Keep it up
  10. Erin Elberson

    Help, I'm Withering Away!

    First perhaps recheck with your doctor to see if there is another reason (besides just time to heal the gut) why you...
  11. Erin Elberson

    Losing Muscle Mass

    I would suggest you first follow up with your doc to get tested for any other food intolerances, parasites, and also...
  12. Erin Elberson

    Hello My Name Is Kim

    Good stuff here! Kimis, you may want to start by tracking exactly what you are eating now, using a calculator like calorie...
  13. Erin Elberson

    Gaining Weight

    Hi Evi, Missy'smom gave some good advice. I completely agree on avoiding many of the processed gluten free foods...
  14. Erin Elberson

    Pre And Post-game Meals?

    Definitely good advice here and sounds like you on are on the right track. The iron/anemia issue could be contributing...
  15. Erin Elberson

    Help Please!

    YES! Wow. Scary that he thought a colonoscopy was for celiac. I completely understand not wanting to eat gluten. ...