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  1. I figured out that I had other food sensitivities through a long time of trial and error and repeated testing by naturopaths. I also consulted w/ tested md's and nutritionist's. I was given various lists of things not to eat (elimination diets) -- but really, none of the various tests were very accurate - and all seemed pretty mystified about why so many of the other issues. I plan to now follow up with a gastro specialist to see what they might find. I rarely eat out any more -- i choose carefully where I will go. I have found a wonderful Peruvian restaurant that has a gluten free menu - and many foods that i can eat! (I live in Portland, OR). I enjoy sashimi, so sushi restaurants are good. Places that are vegan rarely work for me, but perhaps your daughter has fewer limitations? Raw foods restaurants sometimes work well, too, depending on their menu - sometimes they are heavy on the nuts and dried foods - raw "soups" often are very delicious and with ingredients I can eat. Since raw "cooked" food is often lightly steamed it can sometimes work for me, too. Salads are a good option at places that offer a wide variety of options - not just lettuce-based salad but w/beets, cucumbers, peppers, onions, peas, artichokes, etc. Restaurants that serve more fresh ingredients and dishes work better for me My mom also has celiac - fortunately she has fewer restrictions so she continues to eat out much more than I do. She brings along rice bread as substitute for breads served. She traveled the world and loved to eat great food -- it's no longer the same, but she still enjoys plenty of food when she goes out. My sister is a chef -- so you can imagine the emphasis on food in my family... Best wishes
  2. Hi, I have celiac's - but in addition to gluten, I have so many other foods that cause me to have bloating, cramps, itching, feel quite sick including: alcohol, sugar/sweeteners, corn, nuts, dried fruit, almost all grains, alcohol, caffeine, mayonnaise, dairy, red meat. I also don't seem to digest cooked eggs well. Any one else experience this? Help in understanding this would be great.
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