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  1. Keep us posted on your test results. I also don't agree that IBS is a condition--I truly believe it is just a symptom...
  2. RoseTapper

    Depressed Over Celiac, Need Help!

    I'm so very sorry that you feel so ill right now. I know how hard it is to live and eat on a skimpy budget--I usually...
  3. I thought I'd pop back in to mention that after you go gluten free, it can take quite a while before the diarrhea goes...
  4. I'm VERY glad to learn that you're going to go on a gluten-free diet, because your symptoms sound like the same ones...
  5. RoseTapper

    "my Dr. Said It's Ok To Have Wine"

    Flour on wine corks? Sorry...this is nonsense.
  6. RoseTapper

    Just Returned From Trip To Australia

    So...you're coming to the U.S.? You might encounter a little culture shock because of how poorly celiac is understood...
  7. I just got back from visiting my daughter in Sydney, Australia. You would not believe how easy it is to live a gluten...
  8. Personally, I haven't had a gluten reaction to any of those candies (and I've eaten them many times). I think your suspicion...
  9. Okay, your situation sounds very familiar to me. I, too, was severely anemic and ill after getting a celiac diagnosis...
  10. Interesting....I recently attended a celiac conference, and I learned that schizophrenia is common in people with celiac...
  11. RoseTapper

    New Diagnosed Wheat Farmer?

    Gemini, I know it's an ongoing debate regarding external products that contain gluten, but I know from PERSONAL experience...
  12. RoseTapper

    Happy To Be Me!

    As they say, "When you have your health...." Glad to hear that you're feeling better even though the economic outlook...
  13. Yes, you should have her ferritin level checked--when it's low, fatigue and trouble sleeping can be common. However...
  14. RoseTapper

    Gluten Challenge

    I also see no reason for a gluten challenge. There's simply no point. If you feel better without gluten, then you either...
  15. RoseTapper

    Is Dh Relieved With Antihistamines?

    Okay, I'm going to take a differing point of view here. My DH developed in my early 30s, and for four years I was tortured...