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  1. Wow, did I really start this topic 2 weeks ago? Because in the past few days, I wouldn't get that nasty headache before having to use the bathroom. It's been getting better quickly! In fact, a perfect example is today. After barely using the bathroom the past 2 days, today I had to use it real bad... and yet I didn't have any nasty headache or real bad physical symptoms before I did, that went away after I did. (I did, however, still have the rise in hunger that sometimes accompanies big bathroom uses, but then again, I also had a light dinner anyway). If you want to know what I'm doing differently (in case anyone reading this has similar symptoms and wants to tackle them directly without waiting for a doctor), I'm taking L-glutamine every day, cutting back on sugar (I temporarily stopped eating bananas, for instance, because even fruit sugar counts as sugar), adding cultured coconut milk (which contains probiotics) to my diet, and also taking a powerful natural antifungal. I'd been taking garlic tablets for the past 5 days, and today I started on grapefruit seed extract instead. So whatever is causing these problems is reducing. It might be candida or something else, but I might well be attacking it. Let's hope it goes away, and for good.
  2. I just took a garlic tablet 2 hours ago. I can't swallow pills, so, yes, I bit the tablet and had to chew and taste it. I've never had garlic before, but it's very overpowering. I don't know at what point I should expect a noticeable effect, but I'm not getting anything that I can attribute to the garlic. I'll try to find a holistic in my area, but there seems to be only one, which sucks. I also just ordered grapefruit seed extract, and plan to try that as well. Hope it cures my candida or whatever it is I have.
  3. Garlic can supposedly cure a ton of things. It's antifungal, antibiotic, and probiotic (refills good bacteria) all at once. I am definitely thinking of trying it and seeing if something good happens, since it's not really supposed to have side effects.
  4. Okay, I had strange symptoms that showed up all of a sudden when I started, then stopped, taking fish oil. I get random headaches, random fatigue, and other nonsense. I don't want to get into all the details. And I tried cutting back on fruit sugar and saw some improvement, and basically, well, I think I might have candida. Or something at least. Someone said they took Nystatin and without even going on the anti-candida diet, it killed the candida. I'm thinking of trying either that or garlic. I assume I'll hate the taste of garlic, but I might buy a few bulbs soon, maybe even tonight. Anyone here know much about Nystatin or garlic for treating candida? How about garlic extract or garlic capsules? I can't swallow pills, so can the capsules be broken open? I am also intolerant to casein, so they can't have milk. Where would I go to buy such things? Would a local GNC possibly sell them?
  5. I'm thinking I might have candida, and it might be what's causing the massive spike in hunger (that slowly goes down after MONTHS) after I cut out first gluten, then dairy, then FISH OIL (which I only took for a few weeks, but stopped taking because it was somehow causing me weird symptoms despite the fact that I can tolerate fish itself just fine). Not to mention my headaches, random fatigue, other stuff I don't feel like listing. I added coconut-related stuff to my diet, and it might be helping, but if Nystatin helped you, then I'll consider trying it. Or garlic-based things. I assume I will hate the taste of garlic and not be able to really stand eating it, so where can I get Nystatin? Will GNC (there's a local one) sell it in-store, do you think? Or, how about a good garlic extract that isn't pill-based? If it's an openable capsule, I can have that, but I can't swallow pills. Plus, I'm intolerant to casein as well as gluten, so it can't have any milk ingredients. I want to solve all my symptoms and get back to feeling great, and I do think candida might be a possibility. Surprise surprise, my doctor doesn't believe candida overgrowth exists and no tests for it exist, so he won't refer me to get tested. So I'll just remove this problem myself. How long did you have to take the Nystatin for? Did you start feeling better, or worse (i.e. the candida die off) really quickly?
  6. It gets more complicated though. My symptoms have been slowly, but surely, getting better over the weeks. And this happened both the times I cut gluten out as well as dairy. Feel terrible but gradually feel better over the months. Plus, I get stomach rumbles a lot, which have - slowly - been getting better. Hypoglycemia is not stomach-related as far as I know. And if it were, it still wouldn't explain why I'm slowly getting better. I want to get better permanently though. I'm tired of feeling good, then I make a dietary change and weird stuff happens. I'm taking L-glutamine every day (have been doing so for a few weeks) to try to repair the leaky gut I most likely have as a celiac sufferer, and am planning to look into things to help with candida just in case. Like garlic, which is said to help tremendously.
  7. Also, it can't be a coincidence that taking a dump often reduces the symptoms, but I sometimes feel an increase for some time before I have to (especially if it's a big one). All the more reason that I believe I'm removing something from my body when I do. One example: The "shakiness in hands" feeling sometimes increases about an hour or so before I have to use the bathroom, then when I do, in a major way, it's gone. That happened this morning. So there's probably a relationship there. I think I'm getting something out of my body.
  8. It's not quite the same though. My hands don't actually shake. They just have a weird "feeling" to them. And the difficulty focusing comes on and goes randomly. There doesn't seem to be a relationship to eating carbs, and I don't eat soy. The fatigue and headaches don't occur together either. These symptoms occur at different times, not usually together, and appear to come on somewhat randomly. I'm going to try eating foods that are known to kill candida and see if I have a reaction of any kind. The day after having almond milk (which is said to kill candida), I had kind of mild symptoms of a somewhat different sort, that I thought might be candida die-off. I'm going to try to get ahold of a holistic doctor in my area to see what I can find. My EEG and MRI came back normal, unsurprisingly. My doctor doesn't believe in candida overgrowth. I say it can't hurt to rule it out, but he honestly thinks there are no tests for it, and to "not believe what you read on the internet", despite the fact that reading what I find on the internet is how I found out I'm gluten and casein intolerant and began to feel better after cutting them out of my life. This weekend, I might go to the local GNC and see what's there, or see if I can buy stuff at Whole Foods that can help, like maybe coconut water and other stuff that kills candida, even if slowly. Anyone here deal with candida? Even in a mild or moderate form?
  9. No, not pins and needles. It's hard to explain. I associate it with hunger, and referred to it as feeling "hungry in the hands", but it's really hard to describe. It might not be hunger-related.
  10. From blood tests, thyroid is fine. I am strongly thinking candida is it. There's a holistic doctor 10 minutes from where I live. My idiot regular doctor thinks candida can't cause these symptoms, so if it happens to be that, I can't get any help from him. What else do holistic doctors do? What do they check for, and what kinds of tests do they do? Do regular doctors take them seriously?
  11. Okay, after I took fish oil and suffered nasty problems like pressure in the head and random inability to focus and fatigue, I stopped taking it. And my hunger shot up really high. Since, I've been having the following problems randomly, as my hunger SLOWLY gets back to normal. (I am now taking L-glutamine daily, having started less than 3 weeks ago, since I never did really treat the underlying leaky gut that likely caused my gluten/casein intolerance in the first place) Anyway, the list of wonder: * random warmth in the head, particularly forehead * sometimes random warmth on the back of the neck * random fatigue, which can go away within an hour at times * random headaches (not as common as it was before) * feeling "shaky" in the hands. They're not actually shaking, but they feel kinda shaky. Hard to explain unless you've felt it * random mild dizziness and/or reduced balance (I never actually got truly off balance, but it's definitely noticeable when it happens) * random difficulty focusing (goes away eventually) Some other stuff that's difficult to describe. Oh yeah, and this is probably important: the symptoms sometimes increase before I have to use the bathroom (number 2, not number 1), then I do, and symptoms often decrease some time after that. My doctor referred me to a neurologist and I got an EEG and MRI. I haven't gotten results back yet. If they find nothing, then what do I search for next? I considered Candida overgrowth, which the lady at the local GNC said she suffered from, but my doctor blew me off and said "Candida is a fungus. It doesn't cause problems like that. There are no tests for Candida." Considering blood tests and stool tests for Candida exist, he's an idiot. Anyway, what might these be symptoms of? Just leaky gut, and I should keep taking my L-glutamine (I will anyway) until it goes away? Or something more?
  12. I am wondering if these symptoms are part of leaky gut. I never did really fix it. I would take L-glutamine if I'd consumed gluten or casein, and it stopped the symptoms, and I took it on some other occasions, but I really should be taking it every day. I now am, and have been for nearly 2 weeks. I'm definitely going to keep it up forever.
  13. I'm not taking any probiotics. The lack of info I could find on Symbion, and the fact that they only sell it directly, both sent up red flags for me. Thanks for the info. Any other things that might help? What probiotics are good for helping with candida, or... Well, my current problems are sometimes random headaches (going away at the moment), sometimes random fatigue, random reduced concentration (before it later returns), and being more hungry than I should be every day. I also reacted pretty badly to fish oil when I tried taking it about 2 months ago in the hopes that it would have health benefits. And my hunger spiked really high when I stopped taking it. I also would get odd random warmth in the forehead and at the back of the neck at times, and sometimes have reduced balance. So what might be the cause of this nonsense, and what might help? I got an EEG (awaiting results), and am about to get an MRI, but considering that nothing's been found in the past, I doubt stuff will be found in those. What can I get checked out for? My idiot doctor doesn't believe in candida overgrowth causing the symptoms that people who've had it say it causes, so I doubt I'll get a referral from him for a doctor who does know about it, but I'll change doctors eventually (a lot of people drop him because of his nasty receptionist, who is his wife!). Anyway, what types of things could be causing these kinds of symptoms? And what type of doctor would I go for to get checked out? I want actual answers, and I refuse to take "it's all in your head" as an answer.
  14. Okay, I definitely am gluten and casein intolerant, but strange symptoms have been showing up lately that don't occur ___ amount of time after eating food, but instead, show up whenever. I'm wondering if I have a problem with candida overgrowth. My idiot doctor and his rude wife (who is the receptionist) blew me off ("candida is a fungus. It can't do this stuff. Don't believe what you read on the internet"), and I want to handle this problem myself. Has anyone tried Symbion Probiotics? I heard that it might be good, and helps a lot of people feel better within days or weeks, supposedly. I can't swallow pills though... is there a way to break it into powder and just have that instead? Any advice?
  15. For me, L-glutamine stops symptoms in a real hurry. I take it in chewable form. I just shove a bunch (5g or more!) into my mouth and the symptoms are gone within like 10-20 minutes. That's been my experience. I keep the bottle around just in case I get glutened or dairied, but I'm now taking 1.5g a day in the hopes of rebuilding my intestine and reducing future symptoms as well.
  16. After going through the hungry all the time feeling when stopping gluten, then casein, well, I went through it again after I took fish oil and then stopped. But my hunger seems to have been going UP recently, not down, but this time I might have an answer. I took the spit test for candida. I know it's said to be unreliable, but unreliable in that it produces false negatives, not false positives, apparently. I got a definite positive, let's put it that way. Well, how do I kill the candida? Now that I appear to definitely have it (hunger isn't my only symptom!!), I want it gone. I want to be back to normal. Even before the spike in hunger, I'd been having random headaches and other strange feelings, often in the head. (I am going to a neurologist, but judging by the rumbling in my stomach, the hunger isn't just in my head!) I want to kill the candida, feel normal, and not have to deal with powerful die off symptoms. Are there things I can do? How long does it take for the symptoms of candida, including the hunger, to go down? Anyone else been through this?
  17. I'm wondering now if I have candida. Because I have more than just abnormally high hunger. I had the weird symptoms after taking the fish oil, like pressure in the head, random fatigue, and so on, but I have some random fatigue now, random headaches, difficulty concentrating at times, and other stuff. Eating only 50 calories of baby carrots somehow seemed to give me a bit of energy, even though 50 calories is nothing. So I really wonder if something very strange is going on. I'm going to see a neurologist Tuesday, but I also plan to mention candida to her as well, and I'm going to be bringing a written list of all my symptoms. I want this nonsense out of my life and to get back to normal. The feeling I had when bike riding today was wonderful, and I want to feel like that more often, rather than like I do now.
  18. The fish oil was Carlson's brand, and no soy was listed as an ingredient. I found a website where a ton of people listed reactions to fish oil, so I'm far from alone, even if strange reactions are largely unknown.
  19. My fasting blood sugar is slightly high. (it's like 106 - normal range being something lke 65-99, diabetic range being 125+, I'm pretty sure) But I'd had normal amounts of hunger for the past few months before this fish oil nonsense, and the sudden massive rise in hunger after I stopped the fish oil (the fish oil was causing horrible side effects that may sound totally random, like getting a warm forehead and warm back of the neck, feeling like all the air rushed to my forehead, having difficulty concentrating, and being randomly fatigued). Some of these symptoms persist to a much milder extent, a month after having stopped the fish oil. My doctor now wants me to see a neurologist. I'm autistic, and I already know there's a link between autism and celiac, and autism and food intolerances in general. If I have some neurological problem, that shouldn't surprise me. It might explain some of this nonsense. The symptoms are so seemingly random and unrelated, but stuff like headaches, warm head, other weird feelings in my head - it does sound like it might be neurological. I'm hoping the neurologist discovers something. I've come to absolutely hate food, thanks to this gluten and casein and fish oil and random massive increases in hunger nonsense. Oh yeah, I had a blood test for things relating to my thyroid - I think T3, T4 and TSH - and they came out normal. So the neurologist is looking like my best bet.
  20. Okay, when I discovered gluten was the cause of seemingly all of my problems, I went gluten-free, and within days, was ravenously hungry ALL the time, taking months to finally get down to almost normal. Then I discovered that milk ingredients were messing with me, causing the same symptoms (to a lesser extent, but they were gradually getting worse), so I went casein-free. Again, my hunger shot WAY up, and it was horrible. Within about 2 months, it was within a much more manageable, almost normal level, and months after that, I began to feel great. Well, about a month and a half ago, I heard about the health benefits of fish oil. So I decided to take some. "Some" being 4.5g a day, along with over 1g of Omega-3 acid from a fortified brand of peanut butter. I know, not smart. During that time, my appetite seemed somewhat reduced, and I was eating from 1900-2350 calories a day. Within weeks, I was having difficulty focusing, headaches, random fatigue, random warm forehead, and feelings of air rushing to the top of my head (difficult to describe, but much worse than it sounds). I stopped both the fish oil and the peanut butter brand, and the symptoms got better, but within a few days, my hunger shot up rapidly. I'm now eating between 2800-3600 calories a day. There are times when it is better, and times when it feels like I'm regressing. A few weeks ago, though, I had frequent moments of going out of focus and some nasty headaches. But the hunger is still there and horrible. And the warm head stuff is starting to come back. What caused it this time? The fish oil? Am I super-sensitive to Omega-3 somehow? I added Larabars to my diet, and some of those brag that they have Omega-3 acids in them (though mixed with Omega-6, which from what I hear reduces its side effects for those who have problems with it supposedly). Anyone go through a situation that's anything like mine?
  21. Have you ever tried taking L-glutamine? Apologies if you have, and it didn't help. But anytime the gluten symptoms show up, it kills them in a real hurry. Usually 10-15 minutes. It's also stopped a depression I got at one point (non-gluten related as far as I could tell), and seems to help with brain fog from non-gluten causes. If you haven't, try it out and see if it helps. I take GNC's chewable tablet form. If you have, then I'm afraid I have no idea how to help.
  22. Okay, I stopped taking both the fish oil on 8/4 and the Smart Balance peanut butter on 8/3, and my headaches and that nasty super light-headed feeling (and I'd feel as if I had all my air rushing to my brain or something - hard to explain but very scary) began to go away. Oh yeah, and drinking water tended to make the symptoms worse, and using the bathroom reduced them. Explain that one to me. :/ I came to the conclusion it was the fish oil, as lots of other people had said they got nasty side effects from fish oil, which hugely varied. HUGELY varied. Seriously, people reported everything from weight gain to a tingling sensation (I got that in my fingers and hands for the past week or so), to headaches in the back of the head (I'd been getting them) to migraines to lots of symptoms that I hadn't experienced. After removing the fish oil and Smart Balance peanut butter, the headaches and light-headed feelings started to go away. It was noticable after removing the fish oil, which I did the day after that brand of PB. On 8/7, I started a new brand of peanut butter that contains only peanuts and salt as its sole ingredients. The headaches and light-headed feelings continued to go away. Today, though, 8/10, I had some of that light-headed feeling and headache after eating dinner - which was chicken and a TON of brown rice. And it was the same stuff, though mild. Light tingling in the back of the neck, headache, and such. Using the bathroom reduced it a bit. It wasn't as severe as it was before, but I'm wondering, is the fish oil just being stubborn about leaving my system? Like, symptoms get better, then worse, then even better, then worse, better, etc.? - which was the progression of my celiac symptoms? I know the majority of people seem to be helped by fish oil, but there are many who have reported severe symptoms that went away after no longer taking it for a while. (Some reported symptoms getting worse when they stopped taking it, though they reported this only a few days after they stopped) Or could it possibly be the PB? I looked up symptoms of peanut intolerance and allergy just in case, though this doesn't make sense, since PB never hurt me before, nor did the symptoms quite line up. I'm hoping it's just the fish oil being stubborn.
  23. I actually take a multivitamin sold here on this site that's supposed to contain a bunch of nutrients to try to correct this problem. But yeah, I think I'm going to add baby carrots into my diet, and I'm going to try sunflower butter, and possibly some Larabars (I started a separate topic asking for food suggestions). I've gone for years, well over a decade and a half, of not eating vegetables at all, and I'd been in very good health before celiac showed up. I was probably getting my nutrients somehow. Anyway, the rapid onset of headaches and light-headedness, and its gradual decrease, appears to be related to my excessive intake of fish oil and subsequent removal of such.
  24. I bought baby carrots today, then saw that 1/10 of the container contains a mere 35 calories! That's barely anything! I guess they'd make a nice little addition to a larger meal, but wow, that's disappointing. Vegetables are not big in the calorie department. I changed peanut butter brands again - this time for a brand that contains literally only peanuts plus some salt. Sunflower Butter sounds good. I'm going on vacation soon, but when I get back, I might look for some. I'll look into Larabars. Gluten-free and most of them seem to be dairy-free, so I think they'll be well worth getting. Again, I'll check them out when I get back from vacation. Thanks for the suggestions! As for the alternate grains, can they be eaten right out of the box? Do they have to be cooked? I want as little food as possible that needs cooking.
  25. I discovered the likely culprit. I'd been taking fish oil for 3 weeks. Exactly 21 days, according to my food log. And I didn't do a good job of measuring it out. Today I realized I'd drank 60% of the bottle. That's a 100 serving bottle, each serving being 1.6g. You do the math. Or, well, I will - I'd been taking about 4.5g of fish oil on average every day! But what's more, Smart Balance Peanut Butter contains Omega-3 acid - specifically, ALA (which is said to be not as potent as EPA and DHA, the two found in fish oil). Either way, with the amount of peanut butter I'd been having for breakfast, that added an extra 1g or more of Omega-3 fatty acid. So I was taking a total of 5.5g+ Omega-3 fatty acid every single day, up from zero only a little over 3 weeks ago! I had neither the peanut butter nor the fish oil this morning, and the light-headedness, headaches, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating, while still there, wasn't as bad as it had been the last week or two. I'm getting the fish oil out of my system. I may reintroduce it in much smaller doses, but after reading about side effects that other people had with fish oil, I wonder if it's just something I shouldn't have? Though I eat fish about once every 1-2 weeks and don't feel bad after doing so (and I actually had it for dinner, coincidentally, last night), so I might be able to have a small amount.
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