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  1. Oh wow this happens to ME! I was diagnosed in August and I have been gluten free until 2 days ago. My kids asked for cookies at the store. Normally I would make them myself but I said ok to the treat. Well of course the kids wanted one...
  2. glutenfreegal

    Withdraw From Gluten?

    I feel like I am going through withdrawl. I have been Gluten free for a few weeks but today I could and want to eat an entire pizza. I just want something that is filled with everything I cant have. Is this something that I will go...
  3. glutenfreegal

    Hi! New Here!

    I am only 40 minutes from Philly...Close to Conshohocken and Montgomeryville
  4. glutenfreegal

    Hi! New Here!

    Thanks! I am looking forward to meeting some people and hope to find a support group nearby...I kinda had a breakdown the other day when I couldnt enjoy dessert after Sunday dinner. So I think maybe I would benefit from some support!
  5. glutenfreegal

    Anyone From Pa.

    hi! I am from PA! right outside philly...Montgomery county!!
  6. glutenfreegal

    Hi! New Here!

    Hello! My name is Alicia in live in PA and I was recently diagnosed with Celiacs. I have been struggling for YEARS. I was admitted to the hospital several years ago for an 11 pound weight loss in 3 days due to severe diarrhea but was told...