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  1. I just saw your post - it is a bit dated now, I hope you are feeling better. But I just wanted to say that acid reflex...
  2. mopsiecat

    Acid Reflux And Ppi's

    I have hiatus hernia, maybe different than what you have, but anyway I weaned myself off the PPIs, watched my diet closely...
  3. I hear what you're saying! I find diabetics harder to deal with than celiac also...especially since there are so many...
  4. How many of you blame every ill feeling on your celiac disease? When I was diagnosed with celiac disease I was warned...
  5. I wonder if it's all part of an autoimmune package. My celiac, diabetes and hypothyroid symptoms all started close to...
  6. No, I don't think eating gluten has anything to do with it. It sure does run in families though - I have numerous family...
  7. It takes me about 3 weeks to get over getting my symptoms. Beside the bowel pain I get ulcers where the sun don't shine...
  8. mopsiecat

    Is It Possible To Get Dh In Genital Area?

    Anything greasy on my sores seems to prevent them from healing. Keeping them as clean and dry as possible does it for...
  9. I have Hashimoto's and diabetes. My celiac symtoms started three years before the thyroid problem was discovered. Celiac...
  10. mopsiecat

    Gluten-Free And Hypoglycemia

    Have you been checked for thyroid problems? An improperly functioning thyroid will affect blood sugar. I have an underactive...
  11. mopsiecat

    Brita Filters?

    Has anyone ever had a reaction to filtered water. It seems crazy, but I'm searching high and low for what is making...
  12. I've become much more sensitive as the years go by. Right now I'm dealing with a lot of pain and I don't know for sure...
  13. I have been having serious celiac symptoms and am having a very hard time figuring out what it was I ate that's making...
  14. mopsiecat

    Is It Possible To Get Dh In Genital Area?

    Yes they can vary, sometimes mine are around the anus, at other times they come in the episiotomy area. Sometimes they...
  15. Our local food store started stocking Bob's Red Mill gluten free oats - I was so excited. Having been gluten free of...