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  1. Chattyaholic

    Jury Duty With Gluten Intolerance

    I think I would speak to my doctor too, if I were ever called for jury duty. Most of my bathroom issues occur in the...
  2. Has anyone here with either Celiac's or gluten intolerance had to serve on a jury? I am gluten intolerant and am able...
  3. I love Quaker caramel rice snack cakes, and the chocolate ones, and the apple cinnamon ones as well. They don't say...
  4. I would love to order gluten-free products on-line. I went to Udi's and had 4 items in my "cart" for a total of about...
  5. I bought a 4-pack of Udi's Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins yesterday. I left one out to thaw, and froze the other 3. ...
  6. Chattyaholic

    Udi's Update

    I had my credit card out and was all set to order a few things from their web site (loaf of whole grain bread, package...
  7. Chattyaholic

    Does The Craziness Go Away?

    I have had the brain fogginess, forgetfulness, etc. and just thought it was menopause. But after seeing what so many...
  8. Chattyaholic

    My Little Curiosity Poll

    I voted G.I. issues. If I stick to my gluten-free diet religiously then I'm fine, but if I give in to a craving and...
  9. I guess I just expected the gluten-free bread dough to form a well-kneaded ball like regular bread does. Shows you how...
  10. Thanks for the quick reply. I will try it with potato starch and see how it goes.
  11. Chattyaholic

    Store-Bought Bread?

    Another vote for Udi's. I bought some kind of tapioca bread at the health food store when I first went gluten-free and...
  12. I recently bought a Breadman bread machine after doing some research. Yesterday I went to the local health food store...
  13. Chattyaholic

    Super Moist Corn Bread

    I love cornbread, but stay away from it in restaurants because I don't know if it has wheat in it. This looks like...
  14. I miss bread so much since I have been gluten free. I've tried a few loaves from the store and really have not found...
  15. Chattyaholic

    Olive Garden

    My husband likes the Olive Garden for their pasta varieties, but why can't they have a few gluten free pasta choices...