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  1. Lots of grains? Not really, but some
  2. I've been fighting Lyme disease for about 2 years now. Doing somewhat better and working on mopping up other associated issues. About 3 months ago I was tested for Celiacs (blood test) and came back positive. I never really had any noticeable symptoms, but doc suggested gluten-free diet so I've been slowly working on it. I'm down to the point where I've cut out all of the obvious sources and most of the secondary sources of gluten and go days without any exposure. When I do eat some it's usually by accident or because I didn't plan well (away from my gluten-free kitchen longer than expected). I feel that my energy level is up and am enjoying the fact that, even though I've always been a healthy eater, I'm now eating better than ever. However, over the last week or so I've been getting these painful aches and pains in my abdominal area. The come and go for seemingly no reason. I don't think they are gas because I don't feel bloated. They're particularly bad right after eating