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  1. I got a letter from the doc today saying my panel was normal. They didn't give me numbers or anything, just said it's normal. I got really sick from eating gluten the other day so I'm gonna stay off it for now. I am going to a new doc in February & they're supposed to be a lot better than the place I go to now, so I'm going to talk to them about it. I didn't eat a lot of gluten in the first place, so I don't know if I eat enough for my levels to be high. Since I had such a strong reaction from eating it after being gluten free for a week, I would really like for them to look into it a little further.
  2. I had no outward signs of it as a child. I was anemic & had arthritis & hypothyroidism. I do remember being very young, about 4 years old, when the stomach problems started. There were times on & off, beginning at that age where I would have the sweats from the pain. I would sit in the bathroom & cry because my stomach hurt so bad. The doctors told my mom it was stress. I was also having stomach issues from a medication & they put me on Zantac. I would have months at a time where I would be perfectly fine. I also had a lot of other health issues going on when I was young though, mono, viral meningitis & other sicknesses. I think my stomach issues were looked past because of everything else. I just started to get really bad when I was 19. At this point, I didn't think much about my stomach problems because I was so used to them.
  3. Thank you for your reply. I definitely know my body better than my doc, but they brush me off as a hypochondriac. I'm always sick & now that I think it was the gluten, I'm going to stop eating it. Unfortunately for all this time, the 6 years I've been having issues, they've been telling me I have a virus on & off & think I'm nuts. I'm going to a new PCP starting in February, so hopefully I will have some luck w/this one.
  4. Hi everyone. I'm 25/f/MA. I went to my doc last week & explained that I thought I was gluten sensitive. I've had bad stomach issues for over 6 years now & was told it was most likely IBS & lactose intolerance. Even w/avoiding milk & oily foods (which I thought caused the diahrrea) I was still getting sick. I was diagnosed at 9 w/juevenile rheumatiod arthritis & hypothyroidism, which I know are common w/people w/Celiac. The doc is skeptical of me having Celiac because I'm not deathly ill, but ordered the blood test anyways. She told me to go gluten free for a few weeks & if the blood test comes back negative, to then eat some gluten & see how it effects me. I'm still trying to get used to paying super close attention to what I eat & today I accidentally ate some gluten. Within a few hours I was suffering from bad cramps, gas & diahrrea, along w/all around feeling drained. I ate around 1:20pm & it's now 10:30 pm & I'm so uncomfortable I'm just laying in bed. I can't fall asleep & it hurts to be in a sitting position. Is it safe to say that even if my blood test comes back negative, I definitely have some kind of issue w/gluten?
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