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  1. I do get tremors in my hands that I can see but not feel - see my discussion of scary symptoms and trust in the process, above. It's kind of horrifying that wheat or gluten can cause symptoms this extreme and be so unknown. The saddest case I saw online was in a psychiatric journal - about a...
  2. I'm not sure what you mean by not feeling the movement. I got twitching in my legs when I was lying down. I didn't feel it directly but I felt my skin moving against the bedclothes and the bed moving because the twitches were quite strong. What I decided is that some of my symptoms are scary...
  3. Hi I'm not sure why the leg lifts help me. I am careful not to do too many - less than 15 and only a couple stretches. So here's a technical discussion on why I think it's a muscle/brain stimulation thing.... Twenty eight (?) years ago I was a lab tech for a psychologist studying whether...
  4. The thing with neuro symptoms is that they reflect damage to the brain and the papers I've looked at imply that it takes about a year gluten-free to clear up, but you have to be really scrupulous about cross contamination and not eating grain derivatives in flavorings. You should start to see improvement...
  5. Um, I would be careful about Benadryl - it makes my myoclonus significantly worse. Try a small dose first if you think it seems promising.
  6. Hi SirSleepie, I have had myoclonus and symptoms that looked like a brain tumor but when I got a brain scan it showed nonspecific spots. Because I'm over 50 they were classified as microvascular ischemic changes but I'm pretty sure they're celiac white matter lesions. If you do a google search...