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  1. The fact is, according to HIPPAA, somebody has to give you the results. Also, they may not be able to share them over...
  2. Squidge

    Please Advise!

    I have to agree. And as far as your doctor calling it a severe allergy, NEVER assume that it is okay to have even a...
  3. Squidge

    Gluten Free In San Fran

    Thank you so much. I'll keep those in mind. The other people going will probably love the burger place. Especially...
  4. It can take days for stuff to pass. Especially problematic stuff. Furthermore, seeing is believing in this case. If...
  5. Two things. If asked, the lab must provide you with what tests were done and exactly what the results were. Second...
  6. I'm going to an American Chemical Society meeting in San Francisco this spring. I need to find places I can eat gluten...
  7. Squidge

    Starbucks Confused?

    Restaurants are required by law to provide you with an ingredient list if requested. They can't say no in the actual...
  8. Squidge

    Guide To Gluten Free Restaurants?

    There is a book out there. My sister's roommate has it. My sister's been trying to figure out the title, but hasn't...
  9. Squidge

    Root Beer Or Thai Food?

    You really should be nicer about that. Soy sauce isn't something you think of as having wheat. After all, the climate...
  10. Squidge

    Low-gluten Host

    There are Catholic approved gluten FREE host wafers, supposedly. I'm sorry, I get really upset about situations such...
  11. Squidge

    Symptoms- Diagnose Me!

    Early on the endoscope might show nothing. Celiac's can be lurking all your life and then finally hit and start doing...
  12. Squidge

    Mixed Alcoholic Drinks

    Actually distilled is a purification process, having nothing to do with gluten. However, it is used on hard liquors...
  13. Squidge

    Vegetarian & Celiac

    Salad is very delicious. Okay, I don't think so, but I hate lettuce. Just avoid the croutons and check the ingredients...
  14. Squidge

    Feelin Lonely In Glutenland

    Cheetos are gluten free, but they're a dairy problem. Nachos and salsa. Buy the ones that are labeled 100% corn, though...
  15. Squidge

    Situational Illness

    Actual research has shown that as low as 0.02 ppm of gluten can cause intestinal damage and most Celiac's patients should...